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Gordon Bruce: Blockchain is the next industry disruptor [VIDEO]

Gordon Bruce: Blockchain is the next industry disruptor [VIDEO]

Last May, we launched our first  Paubox Customer Success Road Show, returning to the homeland of Hawaii to meet with customers and make new friends. While there, we visited Gordon Bruce, one of the Board of Directors at Seagull Schools.


Blockchain is a hot topic in tech right now. Gordon Bruce, CEO of GJB & Associates and tech guru, shared some new and creative ways blockchain can be used.


You can read the full transcript of our conversation below.

Gordon Bruce: Blockchain is the next industry disruptor



Hoala Greevy: So we’ll assume our viewers have a general understanding of blockchain. Where do you see, Gordo, new and creative uses of blockchain that maybe or maybe not have been in place yet?

Gordon Bruce: Oh gosh. So healthcare for sure. From the moment a child gets born, that record of that child's birth is recorded on the blockchain. And anything that happens with that child going forward - immunizations, doctor's visits, whatever - gets added to that blockchain. So if that child at age 15 goes to Florida, every immunization record that was ever done with that child is all in that blockchain. And that’s where it’s headed. It's the next disruptor. I remember when the internet first came out and people said, “Why do we need a web page? Why do we need a web page?” And now where are we with the internet? Mobile apps, Amazon, Uber, Lyft - you just go down the list of things that came out of the web. So that was the major disruptor. I think ATM machines – I’ll go back to the beginning. I wrote the code for ATM machines. ATM machines were a major disruptor. They were there to reduce number of tellers – that was why we put them in – and to give people the ability to bank after 3 p.m. Now what do you do with an ATM machine? They’re global. I can go to Singapore, whatever, and take money out from any ATM machine.


About Seagull Schools

Seagull Schools is a private, non-profit corporation that has been serving Hawaiian communities through early education facilities since 1971. Seagull Schools offers high quality first school and childcare programs at affordable rates and also provide adult day services at their Kapolei school that mutually benefit young children and older adults alike. Seagull Schools is based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
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