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Day 3 at HLTH 2023: High energy and insights

Day 3 at HLTH 2023: High energy and insights

Day 3 at HLTH 2023 was the most exhilarating yet, with attendees bringing peak energy to the conference's final day. The Paubox booth was a hub of activity, with both familiar and new faces stopping by to engage with our team.


About HLTH 2023

HLTH 2023 has been a landmark event for the healthcare industry, fostering collaboration, learning, and innovation among its 10,000+ attendees, 350 speakers, and 900 sponsors.


Highlights of Day 3:

  • Highlight #1: The day was marked by continuous engagement with customers and new acquaintances, all bringing valuable insights and positive energy to our booth.
  • Highlight #2: Our second giveaway of Blanton's Whiskey was well-received, and over 100 attendees walked away sporting Paubox's signature flashing blue sunglasses.
  • Highlight #3: A thought-provoking Moon Stage talk titled "There's no AI in team" explored the future of AI in healthcare, envisioning AI-powered caregivers as "super employees."


Day 3 Takeaways:

  • Approach AI with a problem-solving mindset, identifying issues first before deploying AI tools, rather than developing AI without a clear objective.
  • Engaging with our innovative and intelligent customers is always a rewarding experience, shedding light on the impressive work they do.
  • In AI healthcare models, quality trumps quantity. Smaller, high-quality data sets can be more effective and accurate, reducing the risk of AI mistakes and "hallucinations."


Closing Thoughts: 

Day 3 at HLTH 2023 was a whirlwind of activity, insights, and connections. As booths around us packed up early, the Paubox team stayed committed to engaging with attendees until the very end, capping off a fantastic experience at the conference.


Hoala and Rylie at the Paubox booth

Meeting customers

HLTH 2023


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