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Overland Park, KS - I met Matt Geiger and Nathan Selzer for the first time in person today. We reviewed the Paubox roadmap and I gathered customer feedback.

What's happening: I have an OKR this quarter of visiting ten of our Top 100 customers. Pivotal Health Care is sixth on my list.

By the numbers: 

  • Matt likes our System Status page
  • They are looking forward to being early adopters of solutions we've recently built and are working on: Paubox Texting, Block / Allow microservice, Paubox Forms, and Paubox [Tags].
  • "I'm set in stone on functional technology that works." Geiger
  • Matt and his IT team are all about "set it and forget it" technology solutions.
  • "The simpler, the better." Geiger
  • Matt asked me to visit them on a yearly basis. I promptly extended my hand and said, "Deal!"


Why it matters: Customer feedback is a core tenet of the Paubox Foundations, which are principles and values we care intensely about.

The bottom line: Visiting customers and sharing the Paubox roadmap is a fantastic way to gather feedback.

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Travis Gulledge (COO) hoisting some Pausox


Lynn (Reception) helped me get setup in the conference room (I arrived 15 minutes early)


Matt Geiger (CIO) preferred the blue Paubox 2023 t-shirt model


Nathan Selzer (Sys Admin) is over the moon on the black Paubox 2023 t-shirt

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