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  • The Paubox socks (PauSox) were a certified hit this week at the HITRUST 2019 conference in Grapevine, Texas
  • We brought 48 pairs and gave them all away
  • I need to mail a pair to Andrew Hicks (Coalfire)


Dan Nutkis (HITRUST) Dan Nutkis (HITRUST CEO)


Donald Kirchmann (Mayo Clinic) Donald Kirchmann (Mayo Clinic)


Joel Seymour (Premera) & Micah Kormylo (Coalfire) Joel Seymour (Premera) & Micah Kormylo (Coalfire)


Karen Leahy (HITRUST) Karen Leahy (HITRUST)


Ray Biondo (Beyond, LLC) Ray Biondo (Beyond, LLC)


Robin Smith (MOBE) Robin Smith (MOBE)


Matt Mercer (Coalfire) and Melissa Bendana (BlueShield of California) Matt Mercer (Coalfire) and Melissa Bendana (Blue Shield of California)


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