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Carrie Nixon: Coffee meetup in Arlington, VA

Carrie Nixon: Coffee meetup in Arlington, VA
Yesterday I caught up with one of our customers: Carrie Nixon, Managing Partner at Nixon Law Group and CEO at Nixon HealthNexus. The day before, I spoke at the 31st Annual FISSEA Conference at NIST in Gaithersburg, MD. Talking to customers is one of the favorite parts of my job as Founder CEO of Paubox. I'm thankful Carrie was able to find a window in her busy day to meet with me at Northside Social in Arlington, VA. Here are my takeaways from my coffee meetup with Carrie Nixon:
  • Paubox for law firms is a no brainer.
  • Carrie loves the Paubox footer.
  • HHS Startup day is a good event to attend.
  • ONC Day is free and also good to attend.
  • Carrie Nixon's two buckets of clients: Healthcare providers and Healthcare startups.
  • Carrie wanted to learn more NPS
  • Asked me to send her a link to the presentation I gave at NIST.
  • Carrie thinks getting HITRUST certification would be a big win for Paubox.
  • Willing to be involved in our upcoming Paubox SECURE 2018.
  • Subscribes to the Lawyerist podcast.


Northside Social

Carrie Nixon: Coffee meetup at Northside Social - Paubox Northside Social is cool coffeeshop and wine bar in Arlington, VA. I had the Chopped Chicken Salad and three cups of coffee, all of which were very good. I was there for over three hours and it was packed the entire time (positive signal).


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