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Anshul Pande: Summary of a digital first approach | Paubox Spring Summit 2021

Anshul Pande: Summary of a digital first approach | Paubox Spring Summit 2021

The opening session from Paubox SUMMIT 2021: Secure Communication During a Pandemic. Pande is the vice president and chief technology officer of Stanford Children’s Health, the only healthcare system in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to pediatric and obstetric care. It is also one of the few in the country. As CTO, Pande is responsible for all aspects of technology selection, deployment, and delivery for Children’s Health.

Pande explores what digital transformation means in a post-pandemic world and how organizations worldwide can focus on technology as a support rather than a crutch.



Anshul Pande: And here’s how we have changed our domains from digital transformation, we’ve changed it to digital-first domains that I talked about earlier. But on the top right, you’ll also see that we have changed our focus from just the providers to all employees because the experience portion is true for every employee, not just for the providers.

For everything that we have done, I would say, you know, retain the inroads that you have made, and we’re doing a lot of work to ensure that telemedicine stays at the 30 40% range.

And there’s a lot of work going on within our provider community as well as our administrators and operations folks to say, how do we retain the gains that we’ve made and grow them in areas? We haven’t done it before? How do we continue to grow telemedicine as an example? And then finally, with all the good karma and the goodwill that we have gathered within the organization over the past year with the work we have done on digital-first domains, and ensuring that the business can still run in a digital-first approach? How do we expand into new areas, so use all of that goodwill, to continue to push the move towards the new areas?

Lastly, I want to thank all of you. There were a lot of folks on the front lines, our providers, our clinicians, our nurses, that did amazing work during this crisis. But there were a lot of other folks who supported all of them. Behind the scenes, everybody who worked in healthcare IT and hospitals is departments in the tech community in the cyber community that helped us out during this past year, selflessly, sometimes on calls and Saturdays and Sundays and late at night. I just want to thank all of you for the incredible support, and amazing kindness that has helped us get through this crisis. So thank you very much.

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