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The opening session from Paubox SUMMIT 2021: Secure Communication During a Pandemic.

Pande is the vice president and chief technology officer of Stanford Children’s Health, the only healthcare system in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to pediatric and obstetric care. It is also one of the few in the country. As CTO, Pande is responsible for all aspects of technology selection, deployment, and delivery for Children’s Health.

Pande explores what digital transformation means in a post-pandemic world and how organizations worldwide can focus on technology as a support rather than a crutch.



Anshul Pande: The other one is difficult for us easy for them. And this is something that we use back in the days at epic extensively. And the idea behind this is, what do you do to make your users’ life easier? If they’re doing repeatable processes? How do you simplify it and take the complexity of yourself?

And Hoala gave a great example of taking the complexity away from the user, which makes for great products. And the couple of examples that come to my mind was around lab results.

And if I remember, I was following a doc in Appleton, Wisconsin years ago. And you could see that 80% of their inbox in the EHR was normal lab results. And really abnormal results, you typical responses, everything looks good, continue on the medication, get tested again, and 369 months. This is a boilerplate template that they’d be using, but they were typing it every time.

Right. And so one of the developers aha moments at epic was, let’s give them a button. If it’s a normal result, it says, click this button, and it’ll automatically pop in the pre-canned message for the dogs. And so all of a sudden, 80% of their inbox around results got simplified, because they were clicking one button, instead of typing a message over and over again, similar thing is around blackbox algorithms, right? So they are kind of going out of favor. And, and just something that we are realizing more and more is, at least from an AI algorithm perspective, explain the algorithm from an ethics perspective.

So that, you know, the physician has an understanding of how an algorithm came to a decision, versus just saying, here are the inputs, and this is the output without quite explaining the logic behind it. And part of it is ensuring that the designers’ bias in the algorithms is not part of it. So so that’s a huge discussion topic in AI ethics right now, is how do we eliminate bias from these courtrooms? And an approach to that is, instead of the black box openly explaining your rationale behind those decisions. But ultimately, what you’re trying to do with this approach is reducing the cognitive load on the user, but not remove critical thinking ability. Right? So that’s the toss-up between two really important concepts.

Now, word of caution around transformation itself. When you hear of transformation, what do you think it’s either this or metamorphoses. But when you look at organizational transformation, it means you’re taking them from point A to point B where point B is better, if so, the facto point is not that good. And it also means that somebody has been working for the last 20 years to get us to point a, you’re going to probably offend them. And you know, transformation is easy and during a crisis, because there is no other approach.

If you don’t handle it, you might die as an organization. But for everything else, just be careful about using the word transformation, you will likely alienate somebody in your teams. One of the things that we have done is have started using digital-first instead. And little first, like a cute puppy. Everybody loves puppies. Everybody wants a puppy and it moves the conversation from the state of the business to an A solution or outcome-oriented approach.

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