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Increasing challenges of secure communication in a COVID-19 landscape

Increasing challenges of secure communication in a COVID-19 landscape

Here's what you can expect to learn in this webinar:


  • How to overcome challenges of secure communication during COVID-19
  • The future of secure communication and best practices going forward
  • Actionable items to audit your current communication efforts
  • How to communicate with patients regarding the changing COVID-19 landscape utilizing HIPAA compliant email.




About the panelists



CIO, Nizhoni Health

For over ten years, he has held senior or executive leadership positions. Dave possesses extensive experience in leveraging innovative methods and industry-leading tools to create high-performing processes and teams. In his current role, he provides fiscal oversight for a regionally-dispersed team with a focus on improving customer care and workflow efficiencies.



CIO, Henderson Behavioral Health

Tony ha

s been CIO for Henderson Behavioral Health for nearly four years. Established in 1953, HBH provides healthcare and housing for over 30k persons of all ages with behavioral health conditions in Florida each year.



Founder CEO, Paubox

Hoala has 21 years of experience in the email industry, dating back to his first job out of college at Critical Path in San Francisco in 1999. Prior to founding Paubox, Hoala founded Pau Spam in 2002 in Honolulu. It was Hawaii’s first commercial email filter and was likely the first cloud SaaS company in Hawaii.



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