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New feature added to Paubox: Encrypted links

New feature added to Paubox: Encrypted links


Our customers have been asking for the ability to send encrypted links to files and folders without requiring a login. This is their problem: they need to easily share secured information with non-technical people. Our customers worry that requiring a login and password may prevent these people from accessing sensitive data intended for them. Since Paubox was built around customer feedback, we sat down, deep some thinking, and came up with a solution- encrypted links.


Encrypted Links: How Does It Work?

Now when you login to Paubox, each of your folders will have a link called 'URL' aligned with it. See below:

Encrypted Links - Paubox

Simply click on 'URL' and a pop-up screen will display an encrypted link you can copy, paste and share:

Paubox Encrypted Links for Files and Folders

You can also do the same for an individual file:

Paubox Adds Shareable Encrypted Links


Are Encrypted Links A HIPAA Best Practice?

Great question. In a nutshell, yes encrypted links are a HIPAA best practice. We checked with our legal counsel and it's achieved because the links remain encrypted via a 256-bit HTTPS connection and the data still resides in an encrypted state in our HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure. As with anything on the Internet, you should be careful who you share encrypted links with.


Wow that's great, how do I try it out?

You can create a Paubox account for free. In addition, we are a top-rated HIPAA compliant email provider. Tell us what you think!


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