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Nevada Gaming Control Board's website shut down by cyberattack

Nevada Gaming Control Board's website shut down by cyberattack

The Nevada Gaming Control Board's website was hit with a cyberattack, shutting it down for several days. Fortunately, no personal or financial data was reported as stolen.


What happened

The cyberattack targeted the Nevada Gaming Control Board's public-facing website and the Nevada Gaming Commission's site. The attack affected the meeting agendas, gaming regulations, and public information on these websites, which were immediately taken offline. Gaming license information and financial records, which are stored separately, remain secure. 


What was said

Gaming Control Board Chairman Kirk Hendrick did not offer comments on the cyberattack. However, the Control Board issued a statement via its social media channels, asserting its proactive response to the incident. The board acknowledged becoming aware that its website had been compromised earlier in the week.

The board said in the statement, “Technology personnel initiated immediate steps to protect the website by taking it offline. The [board] is working with experts to thoroughly assess the situation. While working to restore the full website, the [board] is preparing to publish a temporary website for those seeking access to information.”


Why it matters

The Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Nevada Gaming Commission are the two agencies that oversee the state’s largest industry. The cyberattack on their websites extends beyond gaming, it shows broader vulnerabilities in a vital infrastructure that should protect the information of the major gambling enterprise. The attack is an example to other high-level decision-makers in similar industries to reassess cybersecurity protocols, considering the financial and reputational consequences of previous attacks on major resort operators. 

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What preventive measures can regulatory bodies and industries adopt to minimize the risk of cyberattacks?

Implementing regular cybersecurity audits, investing in cutting-edge technology, and fostering a cybersecurity-aware culture are essential preventive measures. Collaboration with experts and staying informed about emerging threats also minimize risks.


How do cyberattacks on regulatory bodies impact the overall public perception of the industries they oversee?

Cyberattacks can erode public trust, creating concerns about the security and integrity of regulated industries. The aftermath often requires concerted efforts to rebuild confidence through transparent communication and enhanced cybersecurity measures.


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