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Oasis Senior Advisors

Oasis Senior Advisors

Oasis Senior Advisors is a fast-growing franchise network dedicated to helping seniors and their families navigate senior living options. The company currently has 92 franchisees operating nationwide and adds new independent franchise owners each month. The company’s Florida-based corporate office supports its franchisees as they work with the client families.

Oasis Senior Advisors was formed in response to the dizzying array of assisted living options that are available for seniors. Franchisees work with a senior and his or her family to understand the individual’s care needs, the family’s financial needs, the senior’s lifestyle, desired geographical location, and more. The company uses that information to boil down the options to a shortlist of three or four assisted living facilities that best fit the requirements and preferences. That way, the family can focus their time on a handful of options that fit their specific needs.


Company snapshot

  • Founded in 2013
  • Number of locations: Corporate headquarters in Florida, plus 92 franchisees in 31 states and growing
  • Paubox client since 2019


Senior Living

Use case

Protect franchisees from email security threats, including display name spoofing


  • Use a straightforward, effective, HIPAA compliant email solution
  • Provide solid protection against display name spoofing attacks
  • Protect franchisees from ransomwareemail phishing, and other inbound email threats
  • Find a cost-effective option that could scale as the company continues to grow

Used solution

Favorite features

  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Customized quarantine integrates into workflows
  • ExecProtect tool to stop display name spoofing
  • Stellar customer support



Secure email communication is a must for Oasis Senior Advisors. The franchisees work with attorneys, families, healthcare providers, real estate agents, and others, engaging in a variety of areas that affect the senior client and his or her family. Before families tour their shortlist of communities, Oasis Senior Advisors also shares some information about the potential new resident with the assisted living communities in order to facilitate the conversation and confirm that the community is the right fit. This information may include protected health information (PHI), which needs to comply with HIPAA requirements. 

In 2019, Oasis Senior Advisors turned to Paubox Email Suite for simple, zero-step HIPAA compliant email. “It’s important for us to have secure email communications to protect the families we serve,” said CC Childree, Oasis Senior Advisors’ director of operations. “We started using Paubox because we knew we wanted to protect the information we share, and we were looking for an encryption solution that would be easy for our franchisees to use.” 

Once every outgoing email was secured with Paubox, Oasis Senior Advisors knew where to turn when the company noticed an increase in email spam using display name spoofing. “Our 1 kept getting emails that looked like they were from our company’s CEO, asking them to buy gift cards or send their contact information,” Childree recalled.  “Our franchisees are busy running their businesses, and if an email seems to be coming from our CEO, they are likely to open it. We were seeing an increase in this kind of spam and phishing, and we wanted to protect our franchisees. We talked with the Paubox team, and they introduced us to the ExecProtect solution.”



ExecProtect, Paubox’s patented display name spoofing prevention tool, is included with Paubox Email Suite Plus, our HITRUST CSF certified inbound and outbound email encryption solution, which protects against ransomware, phishing, viruses, spam, and other email security threats. With Paubox Email Suite Plus, Oasis Senior Advisors’ franchisees can focus their time and energy on serving seniors and their families rather than dealing with suspicious emails in their inboxes.

Since Oasis Senior Advisors was already a Paubox client, upgrading from our Standard to Plus plan took less than 15 minutes. As the Oasis Senior Advisors team incorporated the inbound security dashboard into their workflow, they turned to Paubox’s outstanding customer support to design customized solutions. “We worked really closely with Paul and the Paubox customer service team. They were really good at helping us find solutions,” Childree said. “We got phenomenal customer support from the team, doing things like implementing quick buttons to make it easier for us to manage our quarantine. Every time we had a question, they got right back to us with enhancements that really simplified things on our side.”

The security dashboard is a favorite feature, showing all incoming threats from the last 45 days at a glance. The Oasis Senior Advisors team can see that each month, Paubox catches 10 to 15 display name attacks. The team also uses the quarantine, quarantine history, and mail log daily. “The nice thing is, we get notified by email that a threat has come in. We can easily double-check to make sure nothing went through, and we can flag the sender’s email address right away so that they can’t try again,” Childree noted.



In the past 12 months, Oasis Senior Advisors has sent nearly 600,000 encrypted emails from 175 different email addresses. Paubox’s inbound security identified 10,745 spam messages, and blocked 95 viruses, and 137 phishing attempts, keeping them from ever hitting franchisees’ inboxes.

For Oasis Senior Advisors, using Paubox Email Suite Plus with ExecProtect results in peace of mind, both for the corporate office and for the franchisees they support. The tool saves considerable time that was wasted on emails or phone calls verifying whether an email is legitimate – and it has substantially reduced the effort of the team dealing with the consequences of clicking on a spam or phishing link.

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