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Lincoln Reimbursement Solutions

Lincoln Reimbursement Solutions

Lincoln Reimbursement Solutions are reimbursement, compliance, and regulatory experts, dedicated to maximizing profits for modern healthcare teams.

The company offers several different consulting services, as well as credentialing and scheduling support.



Company snapshot

Paubox customer since 2020


Revenue cycle management

Use case

Encrypt emails during a time of increased cyberattacks



  • Stay up-to-date with new regulatory requirements while remaining HIPAA compliant
  • Protect outbound emails from cybercrime
  • Effectively communicate with patients during COVID-19

Used solution

Favorite features

  • Outbound email protection from cybercrime
  • Affordable price
  • Protection of PHI




Most of Lincoln’s clients work in physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy. Recently, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has expanded insurance coverage to include telehealth sessions for these treatments.

Since the update, the Lincoln leadership team has done very little besides learn everything there is to learn about telehealth to assist partners with the transition.

In normal circumstances, Lincoln sends one email newsletter to its partners and colleagues once a week covering industry issues. However, these days all emails are surrounding COVID-19. Danielle has been emailing updates many times a week as the situation evolves.

“It’s such a fluid situation,” Danielle said. “It feels like every five minutes we’re learning something new, whether it be from CMS, which is Medicare and Medicaid, and what they’re going to allow now, all the way through to what private payers are going to allow.”

Danielle and her partner, Bryanne Johnson, are on the front line with their clients to set up new regulatory requirements while remaining in HIPAA compliance.

“It’s been a lot,” Danielle admitted. “We definitely appreciate the fact that our emails have been encrypted by Paubox, especially now that everyone’s really going to be working from home.”



Lincoln Reimbursement Solutions became a Paubox Email Suite Standard customer just last month. “I am just glad that we had such ideal timing joining a month ago . . . I’m just grateful that we have it,” Danielle said.  “It’s just really added that level of protection that we definitely need.”

“This is hackers’ prime season to try and break into secure data,” Danielle explained. “So I very much appreciated that we already have those levels of protection in place going into this especially. Obviously, regardless of what’s happening, it’s always good to have that, but especially knowing that there’s probably going to be more cyber attacks.”

Fortunately, Danielle and her team can rest assured that their emails will be protected from cybercrime during the coronavirus outbreak and for as long as they remain Paubox customers.



Since becoming a customer in February, Paubox has encrypted nearly 63,000 HIPAA compliant emails on behalf of 33 Lincoln employees. Since Paubox encrypts all emails by default, no one had to spend any time wondering about whether or not to encrypt an email; it was done automatically. And all the email recipients had to do was click "open" to read an email - no password or portal required.

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