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Innovive Health

Innovive Health

Innovive Health is a Massachusetts-based provider of home health services, including skilled nursing and home-based physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Its expert team of home healthcare professionals helps patients with chronic illness, people facing psychiatric issues, or those recovering from hospitalization live at home safely and independently. More patients and families trust Innovive Health for home health care and home therapy services than any other provider in the state.

Using Paubox Email Suite Plus, Innovive Health has been able to send HIPAA-compliant emails and protect the organization’s inboxes from email spoofing, phishing, and other cyber threats. In the past 12 months, Paubox Email Suite Plus has securely encrypted 185,235 emails sent by the Innovive Health team. It has also filtered out 620 phishing emails and 1,487 emails containing viruses from the 166,602 emails Innovive Health received.



Company snapshot

  • Founded in 2000
  • 5 locations
  • Paubox customer since 2018


Home healthcare services

Use case

Email vendors, state health agencies, and patients in a HIPAA compliant manner


  • Quickly share information with employees about COVID-19 best practices
  • Securely send and receive updated information from the Department of Public Health (DPH) and MassHealth
  • Communicate with vendors to ensure a strong supply chain
  • Provide robust inbound email security protection from phishingmalware, and email bomb attacks


Used solution

Favorite features

  • HITRUST CSF certification
  • Portal free-emails delivered directly to the inbox
  • Easy to use and great customer service




Up-to-date technology is at the center of Innovive Health’s ability to provide quality health care at home. But to make that happen, Innovive Health must communicate not only with employees, but with a range of other stakeholders, including vendors and state health agencies. Many of these organizations use outdated technology – fax and paper mail, in particular – to stay HIPAA compliant.

Just as important as HIPAA compliance – and just as complex – is the need to maintain robust cybersecurity. Hackers are constantly probing healthcare organizations for weaknesses in the hope of stealing protected health information (PHI). As part of its commitment to caring for patients, Innovive Health wants to prevent possible breaches as effectively as possible.



In 2018, Innovive Health found a way to solve both problems: Paubox. Today, Innovive uses Paubox Email Suite Plus to enable secure, two-way communication with anyone, including employees, governing bodies, and medical supply vendors. Providing essential communications via email has helped Innovive Health's employees keep patients safe – and it has helped drive smart statewide COVID-19 policy as well.

With the emergence of coronavirus, it has become more important than ever to communicate quickly and easily with stakeholders. Paubox removes the barriers to transmitting PHI via email – it is a HIPAA compliant email solution that does not require email recipients to log into a portal to view their messages. And on the receiving side, Paubox blocks spoofing emails before they land in Innovive Health’s inbox, preventing the organization from falling victim to a cybersecurity breach.

Paubox offers all of the security of a portal-based solution, but without the hassle. “Everyone hates the portals, from providers to other healthcare organizations. As soon as you need to go through a portal, that’s a dead end. You don’t communicate,” said Dave Ledoux, CIO at Innovive Health.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Innovive Health has been using Paubox secure email to share best practices with employees and provide recommendations to state agencies that help to shape health policy. Sending seamless, HIPAA compliant email has helped Innovive share timely updates, helping employees to care for vulnerable patients safely and effectively, saving lives and keeping people out of the hospital.

Paubox Email Suite Plus protects Innovive Health from all spoofing and phishing attacks, including those that have cropped up since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Ledoux explained, “Having zero spoof emails penetrate our system makes it so my help desk never gets forwarded some fishy-looking nonsense about needing to send a wire transfer right away to maintain compliance, or to send our bank account and routing number in order to ship your ‘essential medical supplies.’ All the work was done silently in the background with Paubox to protect my entire employee base.”


Benefits of Paubox

Paubox is the only secure email vendor on the market with HITRUST CSF certification, which Ledoux said was “pivotal” in Innovive Health's decision to trust Paubox with its PHI.

Paubox offers a seamless solution that we’re all familiar with: email. “The lack of a gateway makes it the most powerful solution available,” Ledoux said.

With Paubox, there’s no need to conduct training or troubleshooting – the Paubox team walks each customer through the simple integration process, and from there, it’s as easy as sending email.

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