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Darkhorse Tech

Darkhorse Tech

After gaining experience working in a corporate IT environment within the dental industry, Darkhorse Tech founder and CEO Reuben Kamp launched Darkhorse as a managed security services provider focused on meeting the dental industry’s need for IT solutions and support. Since its founding, the company has grown steadily and now serves 870 dental industry clients, including dental services organizations (DSO), single-owner dental practices, and dentists who are starting up their own dental practices.

Darkhorse provides IT support and also offers cloud and security services to help practices and DSOs build their businesses. The team is focused on service-first, so most of the company’s employees are remote support technicians or national install technicians who spend their time traveling to client sites to help them set up all of their systems. The company now supports clients in all 50 states, plus Canada and the Cayman Islands.

“The dental industry is such a niche market,” Kamp said. “Our company has a track record of providing great service to our dental industry clients, and we’ve been able to separate ourselves from our competitors for that reason.”



Company snapshot

  • Founded in 2012
  • Number of locations: headquartered in Syracuse, NY, with a team of remote field technicians and national install technicians serving all 50 states and international
  • Paubox customer since 2021


Managed services provider - Dental IT

Use case

Provide zero-step email encryption to clients


  • Provide a superior email encryption product to clients
  • Make it easier for clients to send protected health information (PHI) over email
  • Reduce burden on IT support staff
  • Support clients’ desire to serve their patients in the best possible way

Used solution

Favorite features

  • Simplicity of email encryption, with no extra steps
  • Monthly partner billing structure
  • Ease of use for both sender and recipient




One of the security services Darkhorse resells to their clients is email encryption. “Everybody needs email,” Kamp said. 

Before discovering Paubox Email Suite, Darkhorse Tech had connected its clients with other encryption methods. However, the other methods were causing friction in sending and receiving email – which made Darkhorse’s clients have to jump through extra hoops to send a secure email.

“The problem we were facing is the same as the problem our customers were facing: having a hard time with non-tech-savvy people opening email,” Kamp said. “Our clients would get annoyed because the system we set up for them is cumbersome.”

The clients’ frustration translated into extra work for the Darkhorse team, as problems with email turned into time-consuming IT customer support tickets. The Darkhorse team was motivated to find a better way of managing email encryption. “We were looking for a way to enable our clients to achieve their goals with less work,” Kamp said. “We’re glad that we found a more customer-friendly solution in Paubox Email Suite.”



With Paubox’s partner program, managed security services providers can offer their customers Paubox’s zero-step HIPAA compliant email encryption (or HIPAA compliant personalized marketing emails with Paubox Marketing) – at a discounted rate. Darkhorse Tech’s clients benefit from seamless email encryption that is HITRUST CSF certified, and Darkhorse benefits from discounts, monthly or annual billing options, great customer service from the Paubox team, and the increased satisfaction of their clients.

Converting more than 870 clients to Paubox has taken time and effort, but according to Kamp, the implementation complexities are worth it. “When it came to deciding whether to become a partner, it was not close in terms of a product offering. Paubox was clearly better. The main obstacle was getting this transferred over for all of our clients.” Darkhorse has relied on Paubox’s support team throughout the process.



Shortly after implementing Paubox Email Suite for one of Darkhorse’s dental practice clients, Kamp received this feedback from the practice owner: “So, let me get this straight: I can send anything with patient specifics and everything in an email with [Paubox Email Suite], and I’m HIPAA compliant – and my receiver doesn’t have to do anything weird? This is magic.”

In fact, for Darkhorse employees, Paubox initially seemed too good to be true. “During training, some employees were confused, because it’s so easy it seems fake,” Kamp noted. “But Paubox is bona fide.”

Disbelief quickly gave way to relief as Darkhorse employees learned more about Paubox’s technology and how much time and hassle it saves clients. “Employees immediately understood that we would have far fewer support tickets being generated for email problems,” Kamp added.

In short, being a Paubox partner enables Darkhorse Tech to provide HIPAA compliant encrypted email, setting their clients up for success as they serve their patients.

“There are a lot of complications in my life – and in my clients’ lives. This is a simple product that fits a need – it works, it’s not too complicated, and that’s the whole point.” 


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