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Why TLS encryption is essential to safeguard email

Why TLS encryption is essential to safeguard email

When email messaging was first developed, security was not built in as a priority. Email was seen as an easy, innovative means of communication, not something to protect. Who would have believed that such a technology would become so prevalent that safeguards were necessary?

Today, of course, we know differently, and the necessity for cyber security has never seemed as significant as it does right now.

Email encryption is not just a prudent method of protection for individuals and businesses, it's becoming essential as email threats increase. In fact, the use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption has expanded among major email providers and is something no one should be without.

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Growing concern for privacy increases the need for encryption


Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) is standard for sending email. Simply put, a sender writes an email and sends it to the server until it eventually reaches the recipient’s server/email. Delivery is prioritized over security.

Without encryption, however, email messages are in danger of being exposed or stolen. Such messages could include sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details, personal data, browsing habits, and chat or email history. Information that hackers are eagerly hunting for.

TLS encryption uses cryptography to code and secure messages while in transit. In a sense putting a lock on what you send until it gets to where it needs to go.

The trouble happens if your email provider does not support TLS. When that happens, messages are stripped of encryption and delivered unencrypted in clear text to your inbox - giving hackers the opportunity to intercept the email.


Use TLS encryption now to avoid trouble


While all major browsers today support a form of TLS encryption, it is not mandatory for email providers yet.

According to Google, however, TLS encryption is being adopted as the standard for secure email—encouraging news for the future and why you should look into it now. But until everyone is using an email provider that supports TLS, there is still the chance your message can be intercepted.

That's where using an email encryption provider like Paubox is the first means to protect yourself, your company, and your customers. You need it to avoid data leaks, keep confidential information confidential, and guarantee the message is delivered securely regardless of the recipient's email provider.

Not sure if your email supports TLS? You can check your email security by using our free TLS checker.

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