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What you missed at Day 2 of Paubox SECURE @ Home That’s a wrap on Paubox SECURE @ Home 2020! A special thank you to all attendees, panelists, and of course, our sponsors, HITRUST , BEYOND LLC , Goodwin , and HIPAA Ready Don’t worry if you missed a panel from today or yesterday; you can still upgrade to a premium registration to gain access to recordings of all panel sessions. Day 2 saw panels from industry leaders like Kelvin Coleman , executive director at the National Cyber Security Alliance , and James Plouffe , senior partner solutions architect at AttackIQ . Here’s a recap of today’s panels. Click here to register for access to all panel session recordings.


Security Awareness with a Remote Team | Kelvin Coleman

What you missed at Day 2 of Paubox SECURE @ Home

Panel overview: An increase in telecommuting

gives cyber criminals more opportunities to exploit unprotected threat vectors . The best-laid security plan can fall apart when individuals are exploited through phishing emails , social engineering, and related efforts. This is why understanding cybersecurity is as important as using cybersecurity.  SEE ALSO: Cybersecurity Challenges of Remote Working Key takeaways:

  • Passwords are essential, but multi-factor authentication is more important. Think of passwords as keys, and multi-factor authentication as a deadbolt lock. 
  • Don't put more information online than you have to. Keep it at a bare minimum, especially with personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Email phishing social media phishing (like through LinkedIn) is still a top threat that people fall victim to every day.
Kelvin Coleman is the executive director at the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), which builds public-private partnerships to promote cybersecurity education and awareness. For more information about Kelvin, click here .


Third Party Risk Management in a COVID World | Melissa Bendana & Marc Haskelson

What you missed at Day 2 of Paubox SECURE @ Home

Panel overview: This panel explored the

complexities and importance of third-party security in 2020, especially in a COVID-19 world. Key takeaways:

  • It can be easy to focus on a computer’s security, but users must consider the security of other, easily accessible technologies too, such as a printer. 
  • People should consider using a VPN, adding a password to their Internet network, changing the default password on their wifi modem, and adding a guest wifi network for added security.  
  • Organizations need to not only have a business continuity plan but test it as well. 
Marc Haskelson is the president and CEO of Compliancy Group , with over 25 years of sales, marketing, compliance, and operational leadership experience. Melissa Bendana is the information security and risk management leader at Blue Shield of California . For more information about Melissa and Marc, click here .


Transitioning From Legacy Systems to the Cloud for Better Security | Dave Ledoux

What you missed at Day 2 of Paubox SECURE @ Home

Panel overview: An important part of the

healthcare digital transformation is moving from on-premises solutions to the cloud, but sometimes the challenge can seem so large that it’s hard to know where to begin.   Key takeaways:

  • IT security needs to be a frictionless experience for all, especially the end-user. 
  • Migrating to the cloud can help a company implement automatic workflows, saving time and effort. 
  • Nizhoni was in an excellent position to transition to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic because it had already transitioned to the cloud.
  • The company has saved both time and money; phasing out the fax machine alone has saved thousands of dollars a year.
Dave Ledoux is the CIO of Nizhoni Health . Dave ensures that the most innovative methods and industry-leading tools are leveraged across the company’s clinical and operations teams to create high-performing processes and teams. For more information about Dave, click here .


Embracing Zero Trust (When You Aren’t the World’s Largest Internet Company) | James Plouffe

What you missed at Day 2 of Paubox SECURE @ Home

Panel overview: Zero trust is a mobile-centric

security concept that centers around device validation, app authorization, and network verification before a network connection is granted. All of this helps with endpoint security so your organization remains secure from outside attackers while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Key takeaways:

  • A zero trust infrastructure is not a fork-lift upgrade; many organizations already have many of the building blocks.
  • Organizations must strengthen their authentication practices and complete an inventory of all endpoints and services. 
  • Reference documents and architectures present some components of zero trust as uniform across the board. However, in practice, many aren’t. 
With 20 years of IT and security experience, James Plouffe’s current role at ATTACKIQ involves developing strategic technology integration solutions to help companies improve their capabilities through the MITRE ATT&CK Framework . For more information about James, click here .


Usable Security: A Human-Centric Approach to Security | Julie Haney & Andrew Hicks

What you missed at Day 2 of Paubox SECURE @ Home

Panel overview: Usable security is the

intersection of cybersecurity, human factors, and human-computer interaction. The idea is to positively influence cybersecurity standards and guidelines while also improving usability, which is why the need for usable security and compliance go hand-in-hand. Key takeaways:

  • Security buy-in takes time and effort from the top down (executives to employees).  
  • Security should drive initiatives with compliance elements weaved in.
  • Usability and security need to coexist. Organizations should take the burden of security away from end-users and not expect them to be perfect.
Julie Haney is a computer scientist and lead for the Visualization and Usability Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Andrew Hicks is a national practice leader for HITRUST and vice president of risk assurance for Frazier & Deeter . For more information about Julie and Andrew, click here .


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