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Quarantined emails are a layer of protection that stops email threats from reaching people's inboxes when a message may be malicious.


What is a quarantined email?


A quarantined email has been through an email filtering system that flags it as a potential threat to your network security. The email filtering system then moves it to a quarantine area instead of delivering it to the recipient's inbox. 


Why do emails get quarantined?


Emails are sent to quarantine for numerous reasons, but it's generally because the email was flagged as junk or containing potential security threats. A simplified version of quarantined emails is the spam folder. Email providers can flag an email as potential spam and send it to a special folder away from your main inbox. For covered entities, robust email security protocols are necessary. It's not enough to use the regular spam filter found in popular email providers. You may want to consider upgrading to email security software that quarantines various email threats. Some of these threats include:


Quarantined emails act as an extra layer of protection from human error . Even if you provide regular employee training on email security , humans make mistakes and can fall victim to cyber threats . By implementing a quarantine process, you can stop employees from even receiving potentially malicious emails.


Can you view quarantined emails?


Quarantined emails are still accessible; your administrator can monitor the quarantine area to ensure no valid emails are sent there. If you determine a non-malicious email is in the quarantine area, you can release it and deliver the message to the recipient's inbox.


Use Paubox to quarantine potential email threats


Paubox Email Suite Plus is HITRUST CSF certified email security software that protects your inbox. It reviews incoming emails for potential threats and quarantines any emails that raise a red flag. Paubox has developed multiple email filters to scan and stop malicious emails from entering inboxes. This includes ExecProtect , our patented solution for display name spoofing. It also comes with Zero Trust Email, which uses a proprietary algorithm that is specific to every customer to confirm the validity of every message before it is delivered. Sending HIPAA compliant email while preventing email threats from entering inboxes has never been easier with Paubox.


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