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As technology constantly evolves, so do digital threats. Email viruses , a type of malware that infects computers, are commonly used by hackers to obtain private information like credit card or Social Security numbers. Protected health information ( PHI ) is also a common target.  On average, there are 560,000 new viruses and other types of malware detected daily. Because they constantly have to adapt to new antivirus software, over time viruses have become harder to detect. The number of affected computers is rising exponentially because of this, indicating the constant need for innovative cybersecurity programs.  This article will dive deeper into antivirus software and some steps to protect your network.  


What is antivirus software? 


Antivirus software fights viruses attempting to enter your computer. A good program will constantly scan for potential viruses. Once a threat is detected, it will automatically be removed and placed into a protected folder. Depending on the program, the virus will be deleted immediately or a user must confirm if they want it removed. Antivirus software is one of the most effective ways to keep your computer and network safe.  Antivirus software is in high demand. According to the Safety Detectives, the cybersecurity market is expected to be worth $42 billion this year alone, with an anticipated increase.  Emails are one of the most common ways that viruses infect a computer, primarily if the user responds to, opens links, or downloads files from a malicious message.  


How can you protect your inbox? 


Cybersecurity protection for your inbox is one of the most important things you can do to protect your network.  Paubox Email Suite Plus offers high-quality, HIPAA compliant email security that requires no change in the user’s behavior and integrates with common email clients, such as Google Workspace , Microsoft 365 , and Microsoft Exchange. Without the need for unique portals or passwords, email recipients don’t have to go through complicated processes to get information from their healthcare provider; they simply receive HIPAA compliant messages right in their inboxes. 

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Taking it a step farther, Paubox Email Suite Plus is equipped with enhanced inbound email security features that protects you from most viruses and other harmful malware that can infect your computer. Our patented feature ExecProtect blocks display name spoofing emails, while Zero Trust Email requires additional proof of authenticity for every email before it is delivered. Overall, having the proper antivirus software in addition to other cybersecurity measures protects your organization and your patients. 


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