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Tony UcedaVélez to speak at Paubox Spring Summit

Tony UcedaVélez to speak at Paubox Spring Summit
We are pleased to announce that Tony UcedaVélez is presenting at "Secure Communication During a Pandemic," the Paubox Spring Summit 2021, taking place on Tuesday, April 6. The one-day virtual event will provide relevant content from thought leaders in cybersecurity, healthcare, and compliance about unidentified risks, best practices, and innovative solutions. Instead of the typical sales pitches, attendees will be able to interact with speakers and other attendees during Q&As and remote networking opportunities.


About Tony UcedaVélez

Tony is the founder and CEO of security consulting firm VerSprite, based in Atlanta. He founded VerSprite after working in the IT and information security space for nearly a quarter of a decade. "I'd seen too many consulting firms that were one-sided in conveying 'risk' from only one lens," Tony writes. "I wanted to embellish a more comprehensive understanding of security risk and reflect the fact that such a risk is made of multiple layers and must be contextualized in order to be relevant and material." Tony is also the author of Wiley's Risk Centric Threat Modeling, a book based upon a patented methodology that applies a risk- or asset-centric approach to threat modeling. He is also a pioneer in PASTA Threat Modeling, or the Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis, which provides a guide to mitigating cybercrime risks by looking first and foremost at cyber threat mitigation as a business problem. He frequently conducts training briefings for both development groups and company executives who need to understand the impact of security programs on business/product objectives. And Tony has led the Atlanta Chapter of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) for more than 14 years, managing monthly meetings and planning workshops and talks. In addition to this year's Paubox Summit, Tony has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences (ISACA, ASIS, ISC2, ISSA, BSides, etc.) across four continents, sharing his insights on application security, risk management, threat modeling, and secure software development life cycles.


Healthcare cyber threats in a pandemic

Tony's presentation at the Paubox Summit is titled, " The Cyber Threat Landscape Evolution: How the Pandemic Changed the Attack Surface in Healthcare." Attendees will learn about:
  • The proliferation of cyber threats in the pandemic and post-pandemic era
  • Risks to data in transit use cases for healthcare professionals
  • Endpoint protection implications


"Changes to emerging technologies, regulations, and threat landscapes forces security strategy to be tailored, not pre-fabricated or imitated," Tony explains. "[My] consulting practice develops authentic and custom solutions for our clients in consideration of their risk appetite, threat landscape, technology footprint, and regulatory environment."


About Paubox Spring Summit Join Paubox, a proven leader in  HIPAA compliant email, for this one-day virtual event where you will:
  • Hear relevant content from thought leaders
  • Learn from leaders in cybersecurity, healthcare, and compliance
  • Identify unidentified risks, best practices, and innovative solutions
  • Network remotely with speakers and peers


Sales pitch not included!

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