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The role of mobile optimization in patient email marketing

The role of mobile optimization in patient email marketing

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s critical for all businesses to make mobile-friendly experiences a priority. And healthcare is no exception. 

For healthcare marketers, this means ensuring that marketing emails are easy to view and access on smartphones and other mobile devices. 

Working mobile optimization into your HIPAA compliant email marketing strategy can go a long way in streamlining operations and boosting patient satisfaction. 

Keep reading to learn the best ways to optimize your patient marketing emails for mobile.


Be strategic with your wording  


When held vertically, iPhones will only show around the first 30 characters of a subject line. Therefore, it’s important to use short yet engaging subject lines. 

In addition, be sure to leverage pre-header text. This is the next thing mobile users will see after the subject line. Using attention-grabbing pre-header text can further incentivize them to open your emails. 

When it comes to the email content itself, avoid long paragraphs or crowding the text with too many links. Also, aim to include the most relevant information first. 

Since mobile viewers are often busy and on the move, these best practices will help prevent them from missing key information that relates to their health and care.  


Make it easy to take action 


Another way to optimize your marketing emails for mobile is by keeping call-to-actions (CTAs) toward the top of emails. Make CTAs easy to click by using buttons for links and leaving plenty of space around them.

To streamline appointment scheduling and other patient processes, take time to ensure that all email links work well on mobile. This includes forms, external registration platforms, and your company website. Be sure the mobile experience is complete by making your website mobile friendly as well. 

In addition to providing a better experience for patients, this can improve efficiency in your business by reducing the amount of phone calls that take up your staff’s time.

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When pages don’t render correctly on mobile devices, this can be especially frustrating for patients. It’s likely to delay them from taking action and might even steer them toward competitors that provide more flexible and convenient experiences. 


Go for a clean look


Formatting matters for all types of emails, but it’s particularly important reading on a mobile device due to the smaller screen size and limited view. 

That’s why it’s smart to stick to a clean and simple design with larger fonts and enough negative space throughout. 

It’s also a good idea to use a single-column layout instead of a multi-column one. Single-column templates offer more flexibility for optimal reading on various screen sizes. 

Multi-column layouts can be more challenging to navigate on mobile, as readers often have to zoom in or scroll to read all the text.  


Double check your visuals 


Incorporating high-quality images that relate to your healthcare marketing content can make your email stand out. But since not all mobile devices will automatically display images, your content should still make sense without the visuals. 

This is where it’s helpful to add alt text. In the event that an image doesn't show on a mobile device, a description will be displayed. Therefore, the reader still gets some general context on what should be there. 

Videos are another key piece of healthcare email marketing. For instance, you may have doctors explain specific treatments or break down a complicated process. Patient testimonial videos are also great for adding value to your emails. 

However, proper visibility on mobile is a must. If videos aren’t optimized for smaller screens, you can’t expect quality engagement from mobile users. 




In conclusion, mobile optimization plays an important role in HIPAA compliant email marketing. Healthcare organizations can make their emails more mobile-friendly by:

  • Using engaging subject lines and preheader text 
  • Making CTAs easy to access 
  • Sticking to a clean design 
  • Choosing high-quality visuals that directly align with the content 


With these strategies, healthcare professionals can create more successful email marketing campaigns and ultimately drive better patient outcomes.

If your email marketing still isn't giving you the results you want, consider taking it to the next level by enhancing your personalization with PHI by using a HIPAA compliant email marketing solution like Paubox.

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