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We cleaned up Magic Island today (pics)

We cleaned up Magic Island today (pics)

The Paubox team cleans up Magic Island today

In true Paubox style, our phenomenal crew pitched in this morning to clean up Magic Island in Honolulu and donated over eighty hours of time to our beautiful host city during our 2022 Annual Retreat. Service and leadership are at the core of Paubox.  We live our values and that shows in our commitment to our communities and customers!


We are leaders, not followers 

Paubox believes in service-forward leadership in our industry, for our customers, and in our communities. It’s in our DNA and a core part of our company foundationsThis morning was a great demonstration of our Paubox team giving back as we spent the morning cleaning up Magic Island in Honolulu, HI.


Over eighty hours of time donated

The Paubox team cleaned up Magic Island today and donated eighty-plus person-hours picking up trash in the park and beach as a token of our gratitude toward the hospitality of our beautiful retreat city, Honolulu. Over forty Pauboxers traveled to Hawaii this week to spend a few days bonding, learning, and serving the community. Being a leader that gives back is a part of the Paubox DNA! We go the extra mile and it shows in our software, customer service, support and implementation. 


Paubox began in Hawaii

Paubox is a HIPAA compliant email service provider solely focused on healthcare. Our innovative and patented software leads the G2 Grid in many categories. Our customers love us for a reason! And it all started in Hawaii. Every member of Paubox is proud of our Hawaiian roots and is grateful to give back to this great state.


Paubox is growing, and so is our leadership!

Paubox is on a roll! And as we grow we are look forward to building from our foundations even more as we serve our work and home communities. There is no other company, or HIPAA compliant email solution, like Paubox.

Thank you for hosting Paubox, Honolulu!

Enjoy the pics! 

Have you met our Director of People Operations, Becky Hathaway? You should! She’s awesome and we’re hiring! Great job finding that old tire, Becky!


Lisa, Aja, and Char lead the charge with smiles.


Alayna shows off her multi-tasking skills.
No wonder she’s so good at customer service!


Our Chief of Staff, Chloe Bowen, keeps the team in line.
Thanks, Chloe!


Rob G. and Jens are pretty pleased with their haul.
Good work, guys!


Have you met our founder and leader, Hoala, yet?
He will leave no rock unturned to get the job done!


Chris gets serious about taking out the trash.


Paul’s catlike reflexes save him from an unplanned swim.


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