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Spending time with The Queen’s Health System and Diagnostic Lab Services

Spending time with The Queen’s Health System and Diagnostic Lab Services

Last week we hosted several events in Honolulu with two of our customers: The Queen’s Health System and Diagnostic Laboratory Services. We wanted to learn more from them, as well as listen to their HIPAA compliant communication needs.

This post covers what we did and how we did it.

Enjoy the pics!


Coco puffs from Liliha Bakery

We picked up coco puffs from Liliha Bakery Waikiki promptly at 7:00 AM

Liliha Bakery does not do Instacart

We hopped in a series of Uber rides to drop off the coveted coco puffs
Mountan Mitchell dropped off coco puffs with Renee Kaawaloa at Queen’s Medical Center – West Oahu

A dedicated Zoom Social Mixer

Mountan, Paul, and I rallied back to our coworking spot in Waikiki to host a 9:00 AM zoom social mixer just for Queen’s and Diagnostic Labs
After the Zoom Social Mixer, it was time for follow ups and getting ready for our next event

Zoom Social Mixer => Social Mixer

Later in the day, we hosted a pau hana social mixer at The Pacific Club
Peter Miller (Queen’s) and Ken Lincoln (Diagnostic Labs) catching up on marketing initiatives
Paul and Chad Brownstein (Diagnostic Labs) discussing the finer qualities of Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Project Hawaii
Nathan Ng and Jon Sumida (Diagnostic Labs) are looking forward to learning more about our new solutions
Joshua Montross (Engineering) showing Nathan Ng (Diagnostic Labs) some of the new work we’ve been focusing on

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