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Social media analytics are a critical marketing tool. It can help covered entities determine the success or failure of their content. But are these social media analytical tools, like SharedCount, HIPAA compliant?


What is SharedCount?


SharedCount is an API tool that allows you to see your website's engagement data. It can be integrated with WordPress or larger API integrations.

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SharedCount and business associate agreements


Business associates are organizations that work with covered entities and handle protected health information (PHI). When an outside vendor has access to PHI, it's necessary for covered entities to enter into a business associate agreement (BAA) with it.  The BAA is a legal written contract that explains what the business associate will do to protect PHI, according to HIPAA security rules. Without a BAA signed, business associates are not HIPAA compliant. SharedCount doesn't mention on its website any willingness to sign a BAA.


SharedCount and data security


Data security is essential to choosing HIPAA compliant vendors. The necessary safeguards must be in place to ensure the protection of PHI.  SharedCount isn't transparent about what security measures it uses to protect data. However, it does say in its Help Center that "SharedCount does not have access to any data, only the number of shares a URL has."


Is SharedCount HIPAA compliant?


No, SharedCount isn't HIPAA compliant. The social analytics tool doesn't appear to be willing to sign a BAA, and it may not have the technical safeguards to meet HIPAA security standards for protecting PHI.


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