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Seven great healthcare marketing blogs you should follow

Seven great healthcare marketing blogs you should follow

In a world of infinite knowledge and ever-changing trends, it can be difficult to keep up. And in the world of healthcare marketing, it’s easy to get pulled in multiple directions. From patient communications to social media marketing to building brand recognition, it’s important to be able to seek help from reliable and professional resources.

Thankfully, there are many platforms and blogs to help ease the burden and to keep healthcare professionals sharp. Here are seven great healthcare marketing blogs that offer a wide variety of tips and tricks to make healthcare professionals’ jobs easier.


1. Franklin Street Insights


Franklin Street Insights covers everything from brand strategy to marketing to creative. They are a brand innovation firm helping health organizations strategize marketing campaigns that fit their needs. They have a series of articles called “Service Line Success” that outlines topics such as patient satisfaction, KPIs and strategies for various campaigns.


2. Becker’s Hospital Review

Beckers Hospital

Becker’s Hospital Review is a must-read for decision-makers in the healthcare field. They offer print, digital and live event webinars that provide leaders the opportunity to interact with others in the industry. And while it doesn’t always focus on healthcare marketing, it offers a robust catalog of topics that include healthcare news coverage, commentary from leaders in the field and best practice guidance. 

Keeping healthcare professionals in the know on the latest topics enables them to make the best decisions possible when it comes to their own patients.


3. RxEconsult


RxEconsult gives healthcare professionals a platform to share and gain knowledge from others in and out of their network. Professionals and businesses share their own blogs on areas of their expertise. Businesses also use RxEconsult for social media marketing and networking. By publishing their own work, they’re able to engage audiences across multiple networks and contribute to healthcare knowledge.


4. Physician’s Practice


Physician’s Practice is organized in sections based on a topic which makes it easy to navigate a wide variety of subjects. The Patient Engagement and Communications section includes tips for the week and offers insight into patient communication and engagement. 


5. Health Care Social Media Monitor

Health Care Social Media Monitor

Health Care Social Media Monitor is “monitoring the pulse of health care social media.” Today, social media is key to keeping and growing your audience. It’s where businesses connect with patients and share healthcare information. 

The platform has “Monday Morning Cool Tool” posts that share new apps and websites to make your social media more effective. They also offer social media training and brand building.


6. Officite


Officite’s blog offers great tips and tricks for keeping medical websites relevant and SEO-friendly. Although they don’t post often, when they do, it is worth the read. This is a great place to go for any professional or startup looking to start a website, build brand recognition or create a marketing plan.




The Society for Healthcare Strategy & Marketing (SHSMD) offers a blog called “Viewpoint: Strategies for Success.” The blog houses a wide variety of marketing tips, news and trends and tackles common challenges faced in healthcare marketing. 


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