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Portraits in monochrome – Downtown Art Center

Portraits in monochrome – Downtown Art Center

My wife and I visited the Downtown Art Gallery in Honolulu this afternoon.

We came to see Portraits in Monochrome: Fine art portraiture photography in black and white by Ed Greevy, PF Bentley, and Floyd K. Takeuchi.

My dad’s work featured photographs he took of Native Hawaiians living at Makua in 1990s.

PF Bentley, my dad’s longtime friend, focused his exhibit on the faces of Molokai.

Floyd K. Takeuchi, whom I’ve known a long time and is an ardent supporter of my dad’s work, featured his work on Micronesian women.

Here are some pics I took of the gallery. I found out today the show has been extended into mid-November.

Ed Greevy, Makua
My wife Lisa admiring dad’s prints
My favorite print of dad’s exhibit was of Barbara Avelino, standing tall in the foreground, with tourists enjoying the beach in the background
PF Bentley, Face of Molokai
Floyd K. Takeuchi, The Micronesians


Downtown Art Gallery



According to its website, the Downtown Art Center (DAC) was established to build a thriving and vibrant Downtown/Chinatown through the power of creativity and the arts. DAC, located in Chinatown Gateway Plaza, provides creative arts experiences to all incomes, ages, and skill levels. 

They provide collaborating arts and culture nonprofits affordable spaces for offices, creative maker spaces and art exhibitions, classes, and special events. DAC also supports Hawaii’s art communities by providing opportunities to exhibit and sell their work to the greater community. 

I think it would be a wonderful idea to host a social mixer at the DAC sometime. It would be similar in format to the one we hosted at The Pacific Club earlier this year.

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