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Paubox vs Proofpoint: HIPAA compliant email software review

Paubox vs Proofpoint: HIPAA compliant email software review

When choosing the right HIPAA compliant email software, you'll want to work with a reputable, reliable company that uses seamless encryption. 

With many options, picking the right software can be overwhelming. There's a lot at stake, too - from preventing costly legal fines to protecting patient data.

That's why we're breaking down the benefits and drawbacks of using Paubox or Proofpoint for HIPAA email security.

Table of contents:


Overview: Paubox & Proofpoint

Paubox and Proofpoint both offer encrypted email services designed to make communication secure. 

Paubox, founded in 2015 and based in San Francisco, provides exceptional email protection and compliance. While utilized in additional industries, such as education, Paubox prioritizes HIPAA compliance for healthcare organizations of all sizes and is ranked #1 Easiest To Use in HIPAA Compliant Messaging software on G2. 

Proofpointfounded in 2002 and based in California, provides services to multiple industries across the globe and was recently acquired by private equity giant Thomas Bravo in 2021. The company offers services in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other countries. 

Email security

Paubox and Proofpoint offer different products and services, but both can be used for email security. 



The service

Paubox secures 100 million emails monthly and offers three services: Paubox Email SuitePaubox Marketing, and Email API. While every Paubox solution is HIPAA compliant and offers encryption, this article will focus on Paubox Email Suite.

Paubox offers seamless HIPAA compliant email backed by patented technology that works with Google and Microsoft 365 to encrypt every email by default. Once integrated, every email is automatically encrypted, preventing any room for user error. This removes any risk of HIPAA violations, and there's no need to train staff since it works exactly like sending a regular email. 


Recipient experience

The experience for email recipients is what makes Paubox the #1 choice for email encryption. Recipients can open the email as they would any other. Instead of opening a new browser, engaging in multi-factor authentication, or taking additional steps, recipients simply read the email in their inbox. A footer at the bottom of every email indicates that the email is securely encrypted. 

Users of the Paubox Email Suite can also add protection against ransomware, phishing, and spoofing attacks. Paubox can also be used to filter out spam and can aid in data loss prevention. 



The products

Proofpoint offers two different email solutions: Aegis and Sigma. Aegis focuses on email threat protection against ransomware and credential theft. Sigma protects against data loss and insider threats to prevent data from leaving a network. Sigma specializes in safeguarding sensitive data, particularly personally identifiable information (PII), that is frequently stolen for identity theft purposes.  

Proofpoint also offers a premium add-on service for email encryption, a necessity for HIPAA compliance. According to their guide to getting started, encryption must be initially employed but can then be automatically included in emails. Companies can also set their email policy to automatically encrypt outgoing mail. 


Recipient experience

For recipients, opening emails requires an additional secure browser and setup. Recipients must undergo authentication to open the email in the browser - a less-than-ideal solution for patients, particularly those less comfortable with technology. 


Email security winner: Paubox

For those looking for a seamless solution for senders and recipients alike, Paubox has the most streamlined and straightforward platform availability.  


HIPAA compliance

For healthcare companies, HIPAA compliance is a legal requirement. Organizations that fail to meet high-security standards could find themselves more vulnerable to attacks but are also subject to fines and lawsuits. 

Both Paubox and Proofpoint care about compliance. Both are willing to sign a business associate agreement, but focus matters. 



Paubox's focus is HIPAA compliance. While they work with organizations outside of healthcare, including in education, legal, and finance, Paubox is a HIPAA compliant communication platform first and foremost. 

Organizations can feel confident that Paubox's US-based support team is highly knowledgeable on all things HIPAA and compliance. Not only does Paubox stay current on HIPAA-related news, but Paubox also pays special attention to healthcare organizations in general. Paubox carefully follows phishing, ransomware, and hacking trends that are prominent in healthcare to aid in providing as much protection as possible. 

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As a company focusing on multiple sectors, Proofpoint must adhere to many different regulations. They state they comply with various regulations, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Data Processing Agreements/Model Clauses (SCCs), HIPAA, and more. They provide more detail for the varying industries on their Trust page.  


HIPAA compliance winner: Paubox

While Proofpoint and Paubox both offer HIPAA compliance, Paubox provides an unmatched level of detail, security, and expertise in the healthcare compliance space. 


Unique features


Paubox's additional services are all designed to be used with each other to create a secure email ecosystem. Additional services include: 

  • Paubox marketing allows mass emails to be personalized, HIPAA compliant, and easy to send and receive. After a comprehensive review of all compliant email marketing services, Paubox is the easiest and safest for recipients. 
  • Email API that can be quickly developed and provides options for RESTful API and SMTP. Easily integrated with Javascript, Ruby, and other major code languages. 
  • Paubox Forms are included free with Paubox Email Suite and allow providers to gather patient information, receive files, and get signatures online while maintaining HIPAA compliance.
  • Paubox's Inbound Security includes tools like ExecProtect, which stops display name spoofing emails that impersonate employees or departments from your organization. Their inbound security features include geofencing, ransomware protection, and robust spam filtering.
  • Data loss prevention features like Email Archiving and Email DLP are also included in Paubox Email Suite Premium subscription. 



Proofpoint offers several additional features for purchase, including: 

  • Intelligent compliance allows Proofpoint to collect, manage, and retain content from employees. This product also offers monitoring and reporting systems to address any potential regulator violations. It also provides archiving, automation, and more. 
  • Identity threat detection and response allow for automated remediation against attackers. This tool allows Proofpoint to identify possible risks before they take place. 


Unique features winner: Paubox

While both companies offer a variety of additional features, every feature from Paubox is designed to improve provider-patient interactions that directly impact the success and compliance of healthcare organizations. 




Paubox has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. Many users agree that one of the strongest points is the level of support provided to clients. Clients can expect timely assistance and additional expertise to help users discover new features, integrate the software seamlessly, and ensure that each system is used to its full potential. Clients also appreciate Paubox's affordability and user-friendly interface, making the solution straightforward for healthcare staff and recipients. 



Proofpoint has earned an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. Recent reviews generally state that Proofpoint is helpful. Others say that customer support could be improved. Some reviewers discuss how Proofpoint has a slightly "old-fashioned" user interface. With some complex settings, it can be difficult for users to quickly find what they need. 


Reviews winner: Paubox

Both companies have great reviews, but users rate Paubox 4.9 out of 5 stars on G2. 



For many companies, paying more for a software security system that works is worth it. But with Paubox, you can have a highly effective, secure email and an affordable price point. There are discounts for annual billing, and with three plans, organizations can select the suitable feature set for their business.



Paubox provides all pricing information online

Paubox offers three plans:

  • Standard: Starting at $29/month and including encryption, integration, secure calendar invite, forms, and more. 
  • Plus: Starting at $59/month and including everything in Standard plus additional inbound security, like malware and ransomware protection. 
  • Premium: Starting at $69/month and including everything in Plus, as well as data loss prevention and voicemail transcription. 



Proofpoint requires interested companies to request a meeting for pricing information. Limited information is available on their data sheet, discussing how email security can be added to other Proofpoint products for additional fees ranging from $1.65/user to $6.86/user. 


Pricing winner: Paubox

Transparency, affordability, and flexibility make Paubox the choice when pricing is a factor.


In the news

Paubox has only ever been in the news for good reasons, like providing scholarships for students and continuing to receive funding for additional products and services. 

Proofpoint recently laid off 280 employees, accounting for approximately 6% of the workforce. The company plans to increase hires in other countries. The situation is not entirely uncommon, as many other companies are engaging in layoffs to increase profitability. Alongside layoffs, Proofpoint may undergo additional changes as it moves towards a more profitable future. 

Read more: Proofpoint lays off 6% of workforce, moves positions to Argentina and Ireland


The big picture

Paubox and Proofpoint offer robust security features that can help make healthcare companies less vulnerable to breaches and attacks. 

While both companies provide HIPAA compliance and unique features and earn generally positive reviews, we believe Paubox has the edge. 


Overall winner: Paubox

With a seamless email process that makes passwords and portals unnecessary for recipients, sending and receiving HIPAA compliant emails has never been easier, safer, or more affordable.

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