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Paubox unveils zero trust email

Update August 2023: Paubox has evolved its email security features. While Zero Trust Email was a significant step forward, we've transitioned to other security features.

PAUBOX UNVEILS ZERO TRUST EMAIL AS PART OF ITS HIPAA COMPLIANT EMAIL SUITE FOR PROTECTION AGAINST RANSOMWARE AND PHISHING ATTACKS San Francisco, June 14, 2022 - Paubox today announced that its HIPAA compliant Paubox Email Suite now features new inbound email security capabilities, including Zero Trust Email with multi-factor authentication (MFA) for added protection against ransomware and phishing attacks.

Paubox is the industry’s top-rated provider* of HIPAA compliant email for healthcare organizations, including hospitals, medical practices and other covered entities. Paubox Email Suite’s inbound email security includes patented proactive features that stop malicious emails from reaching an inbox.

With the new patent-pending Zero Trust Email capability, Paubox Email Suite now features multi-factor authentication for inbound email. A proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm built into the solution protects users against ransomware and phishing attacks. The solution requires an additional piece of evidence from the sender’s mail server before it passes Paubox’s inbound security checks.

Zero Trust Email adds to an already robust inbound security solution that includes the patented ExecProtect to combat display name spoofing phishing attacks, and the Blacklist Bot to automatically create email blacklist rules to help users manage unwanted spam. Those capabilities are just a few of the checks Paubox Email Suite automatically performs on every incoming email, analyzing real-time threats based on hundreds of factors, including content, attachments, links and when the sender’s domain was registered.

Cybersecurity is an increasing concern for healthcare organizations. According to a 2020 Frost Radar report, more than 90% of healthcare organizations have reported a security breach. At an average of $9.23 million per incident, healthcare leads as the top industry for the most expensive data breach costs.

“Ransomware and phishing attacks are at an all-time high at a huge cost to healthcare providers. With our Zero Trust Email feature, our solution offers an additional line of defense in protecting customers against these unwanted attacks on their email,” said Hoala Greevy, CEO and Founder of Paubox. “For years, our innovative HIPAA compliant encrypted email solution has been making it easy for healthcare providers to send secure email and for patients to easily access and read those messages. Now, this new feature provides additional protection against phishing and ransomware attacks as well.”

Unlike other healthcare email solutions, Paubox enables HIPAA compliant emails to arrive in a patient’s inbox without requiring them to log into a portal or enter a passcode to view the message. Its email solution is HITRUST CSF certified for the highest standard of security.

Greevy added, “It is essential to keep PHI (protected health information) safe, but encryption doesn’t have to be overly complicated with portals, plugins or random security phrases in subject lines. We have made HIPAA compliant email easy for healthcare providers to send and for patients to access and read.”

Paubox encrypts all outbound email by default, so healthcare businesses don’t have to worry about employees sending PHI via unencrypted messages by mistake. After it is enabled, Paubox Email Suite users can send HIPAA compliant email from any device using zero-step encryption.

“Paubox had both [inbound and outbound email security] covered and provided us with proper HIPAA certification . . . [The Paubox team] worked with us to become comfortable with the encryption process,” said Gary A. Powell, Founder & Executive Director, The Caregiver Foundation.

Paubox Email Suite automatically uses Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2 or higher) as the default encryption method. TLS 1.2 or above is the NSA’s recommended encryption protocol because it provides unparalleled privacy and performance compared to previous versions.

Paubox Email Suite integrates with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange, so customers can send encrypted email from their existing email client, with no change in user behavior required for sender or recipient. About Paubox Paubox, based in San Francisco, is the leader in HIPAA compliant email solutions for healthcare organizations. Founded in 2015,

Paubox is on the INC. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately owned companies. According to G2 rankings, Paubox leads the HIPAA compliant email industry for Best Email Encryption Software and Best HIPAA Compliant Messaging Software. Paubox customers include Providence, Inclusa, Easterseals and Hawaii Cancer Center. For more information, contact us at Paubox or call (415)-795-7396.

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For more media information, contact: Lisa Hendrickson, LCH Communications for Paubox 516-643-1642 *Based on G2 ratings and reviews

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