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Paubox releases new Block/Allow mail filtering

Paubox releases new Block/Allow mail filtering

Paubox has just released new Block/Allow mail filtering to all Plus and Premium customers. Block/Allow is a powerful tool that prevents fraudulent or unwelcome emails from arriving in your organization's inboxes. 


Why it matters:

Block/Allow filtering replaces the previous Blacklist/Whitelist filtering and adds additional ruleset functionality to give your company more nuanced control over which emails are allowed through or sent to quarantine.

The feature forms a significant line of defense against cyber threats.

  • Spam reduction: Block/Allow filtering helps to filter out spam emails, reducing clutter and potential threats.
  • Phishing protection: By blocking suspicious emails, it provides protection against phishing attempts, reducing the risk of identity theft or financial loss.
  • Malware defense: Attachments in emails are a common way to distribute malware. Email filtering can block such emails, reducing the risk of malware attacks.
  • Productivity boost: By reducing the number of irrelevant or harmful emails reaching the user's inbox, it enhances work productivity.
  • Compliance assurance: In some industries, strict email communication standards must be met. Email filtering helps to meet these standards, contributing to regulatory compliance.


What's new?

The new Block/Allow feature has an updated UI that makes it easier to add rulesets. There are also additional ruleset options, including:

  • Block and Allow by IP address or IP address range
  • Block and Allow by email subject line or email body keywords.

This allows for more flexibility in managing an inbox and controlling which emails get blocked and which emails reach the inbox.


What is Block and Allow?

Use a block rule to block any unwanted emails sent to your organization. When a block is triggered, it will send the unwelcome emails directly into quarantine.

An allow rule ensures that emails from safe and known senders make it to the inbox. When an allow rule is triggered by an email, the email will be delivered directly to the inbox. 

Paubox will still check for viruses or malicious links on allowed emails. They will go into quarantine if any of these are found.


How to set up a Block or Allow rule

  1. On the left-hand navigation, click on the Filtering Rulesets page
  2. Click the blue Add Ruleset button, and select either Email, IP address, or Keyword Ruleset
  3. Choose either the block or allow ruleset.
  4. Enter the item to filter
  5. Select the domains the rule applies to
  6. Click the Create Ruleset button. 

Click here for more detailed instructions.



A few use cases

The Paubox Block/Allow filter feature is a tool that can be used by healthcare organizations to manage their email communications more effectively. Here are some example use cases:

  1. Secure Communication: Ensures emails from trusted entities like insurance companies and pharmacies are allowed, reducing phishing risks.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Helps maintain compliance with regulations like HIPAA by managing email sources.
  3. Patient Communication: Allows emails only from registered patients, reducing spam or unwanted emails.
  4. Vendor Management: Manages communications with vendors by allowing emails from approved sources.


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