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Paubox to attend the MSP Initiative Channel Strong Tour

Paubox to attend the MSP Initiative Channel Strong Tour

Paubox is excited to join MSP Initiative for the Channel Strong Tour in Texas from March 21-25. Each day the tour will visit a new city: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, and Dallas. 


What is the Channel Strong tour?

The Channel Strong tour is a series of outdoor and in-person managed service provider meetups. Each day, the tour will host a social networking event at a different host MSP site. Other MSPs in the area are invited to join us for the event. Our goal is to connect, learn, and network with MSPs around the country – with a 100% chance of corn hole, delicious grub, and drinks.

Paubox is attending every day, and we look forward to meeting managed service providers around Texas. Some of the other sponsors include:



What to expect


Channel Strong is led by industry experts covering cybersecurity, compliance, sales, marketing, and MSP growth hacks. Each expert offers practical advice to future-proof your business and optimize your existing channels. Some activities to look forward to include:


  • Networking with your MSP peers
  • Learning from the experts
  • Exclusive swag
  • Enjoying tasty local food
  • Relaxing and grabbing a drink


About MSP Initiative


MSP Initiative is hosting the Channel Strong tour. The organization was started by independent individuals and companies from the IT & Managed Services industries who wanted to come together and help build a new voice in the community. It is a collective of smart people, great companies, and community contributors who are working to bring great content, great conversations, and great events as a group. 


About Paubox Partnerships


Cybersecurity threats lurk around every corner. By partnering with Paubox, MSPs can provide their healthcare clients top-rated, innovative, HIPAA compliant email security solutions.

Paubox Email Suite ensures that all outgoing emails are encrypted, a crucial component of HIPAA compliance. Healthcare organizations can say good-bye to patient portals since doctors can directly communicate with patients in their inboxes. The Plus and Premium plan also includes robust inbound security tools to protect your clients from malicious emails.

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