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Paubox Engineering Summit (2022)

Paubox Engineering Summit (2022)

Today we held our inaugural Paubox Engineering Summit at the Park MGM in Las Vegas. Taking concepts from the book, Production-Ready Microservices: Building Standardized Systems Across an Engineering Organization by Susan J. Fowler, we kicked things off by splitting into groups and diagramming our microservices.

It’s an exciting time to be an engineer at Paubox, as we’re in the process of rewriting our entire infrastructure into a series of microservices and API endpoints.

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Since we’re a remote company, it was great meeting people in person for the first time.

Enjoy the pics!

Shailesh Vyas and Sara Toole
(left to right) Joshua Montross, Joy Castelino, Don Beesing, and Milton Andrade diagramming our ambitions
(left to right): Daniel Gomez, Eddie Prislac, Moe Adam, and Sara Toole
(left to right): Chloe Bowen, Eddie Prislac, Dan “Vegas” Dorszynski, Jennifer Pazos, and Moe Adam
We are living this book right now
Our inaugural Paubox Engineering Summit 2022
Dan “Vegas” Dorszynski showed me the ropes on the slot machines last night

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