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2020 saw a rise in cyberattacks in the healthcare industry. As the pandemic continues, cybersecurity continues to be a top priority for healthcare providers. Although a HIPAA compliant email API can be leveraged to fight the current health crisis, it's imperative that electronic protected health information ( ePHI ) receives protection from unauthorized users. Paubox Spring Summit 2021, taking place on Tuesday, April 6, is a one-day virtual event providing relevant content from thought leaders in cybersecurity, healthcare, and compliance about unidentified risks, best practices, and innovative solutions. Instead of the typical sales pitches, attendees will be able to interact with speakers and other attendees during Q&As and remote networking opportunities.


About Nick Wong

Wong is a software engineer and email API specialist at Paubox. He recently spoke at Paubox SECURE, Paubox's digital health security conference, in October.  Wong shared about the endless possibilities that Paubox Email API grants developers to keep their communication secure and safe from unauthorized users. "I’m super passionate about the health tech space, explicitly thinking about ways tech can support the elderly and families who care for them," says Wong.  When he's not working on Paubox projects, Wong is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying computer science, entrepreneurship, and ethics.


About Dan Dorszynski

Dorszynski is a software engineer at Paubox. He has been working as a developer for the web before Facebook, Twitter, and Google were even ideas. He has spent the last 20 years as an independent web developer. Prior to his web development career, Dorszynski went to Stanford University and received a degree in civil and environmental engineering. Dorszynski and Wong will be co-speakers at Paubox Spring Summit, presenting on the topic "How the Paubox Email API Can Help Fight the Pandemic".


Paubox Email API

Attendees of Dorszynski and Wong's presentation will learn about:
  • How automating parts of the contact tracing process can save lives, time, and money
  • The importance of delivering a frictionless test result 
  • How using a HIPAA compliant email API service is a hassle-free way to keep PHI protected
  • How and why adding extra steps via a patient portal slows down and decreases open rates
  • How Paubox Email API can help your healthcare organization with anything from prescription reminders to billing invoices


About Paubox Spring Summit Join Paubox, a proven leader in  HIPAA compliant email, for this one-day virtual event where you will:
  • Hear relevant content from thought leaders
  • Learn from leaders in cybersecurity, healthcare, and compliance
  • Identify unidentified risks, best practices, and innovative solutions
  • Network remotely with speakers and peers


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