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Paubox earns top ranking in G2 Winter 2023 report

Paubox earns top ranking in G2 Winter 2023 report

The G2 Winter 2023 report is out and Paubox again ranks as the highest rated HIPAA compliant messaging and the highest rated email encryption software provider. These accolades are in alignment with our mission to become the market leader for HIPAA compliant communication.

Thank you to our wonderful customers who have shared their Paubox experiences with G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace.

This post will discuss further details around the G2 Winter 2023 report.


G2 Badges

G2 Badges provide a way to showcase a product’s performance relative to its competitors. We’re pleased to say that Paubox earned 33 Badges in this latest G2 Winter 2023 report.

Some accolades include:


G2 research scoring methodologies

The G2 scoring system analyzes products and vendors based on reviews gathered from its user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

G2 applies a unique algorithm to this data to calculate customer satisfaction and market presence scores in real time.

An important point of note is what G2 calls Grid Decay. To keep G2’s algorithms fresh and up to date, a decay is applied to reviews based on their last updated date. Reviews are worth less toward both the satisfaction score and the market presence score as they age.

The exponential decay is compounded daily. The rate roughly equates to -3% per month or -30% per year. Reviews also receive bonus weight based on the source and quality of the review. Bonus weights are internal to G2.

What customers say about us on G2


About G2

G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace. More than 80 million people annually—including employees at all Fortune 500 companies—use G2 to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews.


About Paubox

Our mission at Paubox is to become the market leader for HIPAA compliant communication

Driving our mission to get there are eight values and principles we care deeply about. We call these the Paubox Foundations.

In our business, we know customers will always want security, reliability, and ease of use. These are the big ideas behind Paubox.


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