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Paubox earns second independent HIPAA compliance certification

Paubox earns second independent HIPAA compliance certification

As we mentioned last year, we take HIPAA compliance very seriously at Paubox. Since the trust and security of millions of emails depend on our compliance, we hold ourselves to the same high standards each of our customers do in maintaining HIPAA compliance.

While there’s no single certification for HIPAA compliance, there are several reputable auditors who do rigorous reviews of organizations to make sure they would pass a HIPAA audit.

Last year, independent compliance experts BiggsB used their 15 years of expertise helped us establish our first HIPAA compliance program.

This year, we once again engaged an independent third party to help us standardize the administration of our HIPAA compliance program.

We went through the Compliancy Group's HIPAA compliance implementation process to demonstrate our efforts to satisfy HIPAA regulations.

Through coaching and The Guard, Compliancy Group's web-based management solution, we're proud to have passed a second independent HIPAA compliance certification - and you'll see the Seal of Compliance at the bottom of our website as verification.

"Too often we see vendors throughout the industry who mistakenly think that they can avoid HIPAA compliance," said Joe Bilello, Vice President at Compliancy Group. "The truth is that health care vendors who handle sensitive health care data must be HIPAA compliant. And among a whole industry of competitors, Paubox has set itself apart from the rest by working with Compliancy Group to Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain HIPAA compliance."


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