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Paddy Padmanabhan confirmed to speak at Paubox SECURE @ Home

Paddy Padmanabhan confirmed to speak at Paubox SECURE @ Home

Paddy Padmanabhan Confirmed to Speak at Paubox SECURE - Paubox

It's plainly obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to learn and adapt to new ways of doing business. What it means to both work and play has changed, whether you're a teacher, salesperson, or medical professional.

About Paddy Padmanabhan

Respected business leader and advisor Paddy Padmanabhan has built a career out of steering clients toward success in the healthcare and technology sectors. Whether working with large national firms or small start-ups, he has a proven track record of driving efficiency and growth. Padmanabhan has helped global companies like GE, Accenture, and WiPro expand and grow, and he has led start-ups to successful exits. Today, as CEO of healthcare consulting firm Damo Consulting, Inc., he is a thought leader and expert practitioner in digital transformation and growth strategy, and more specifically, a respected and credible voice in healthcare technology. Padmanabhan's podcast, The Big Unlock, features interviews with executives from the healthcare and technology sectors. From these industry leaders, Padmanabhan draws actionable lessons from the ways they are driving the healthcare digital transformation and leveraging emerging healthcare technologies to create improved patient outcomes. He is a long-time contributor to CIO magazine, where he recently wrote about how the COVID-19 pandemic is driving the adoption and rapid evolution of healthcare technology. He also explains how cybersecurity risks will rise in the short term, making products like Paubox Email Suite Premium (which comes with inbound and outbound security tools) an important investment.


Paddy Padmanabhan & Paubox SECURE

Padmanabhan has also authored two books: The Big Unlock: Harnessing Data and Growing Digital Health Businesses in a Value-Based Care Era, and Healthcare Digital Transformation: How Consumerism, Technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future. The latter was just published in August 2020 and will serve as the basis of his keynote presentation at Paubox SECURE @ Home, set for October 21-22. You can follow Padmanabhan on Twitter at @paddypadmanabha or learn more about his professional experience on LinkedIn. But to get the benefit of his latest insights, you should register for Paubox SECURE, where he will be a keynote speaker.


About Paubox SECURE @ Home

Paubox SECURE @ Home is a virtual healthcare cybersecurity and innovation conference, bringing together industry leaders in a unique event to drive learning and discussion around the  challenges of driving innovation in healthcare while keeping data secure. We will present valuable panel discussions with industry leaders, breakout community sessions on hot topics, and unlimited virtual networking opportunities so you can build relationships beyond the conference. Paubox SECURE is focused on generating relevant and meaningful content, discussions and networking—not giving you a sales pitch. Other keynote speakers include:
  • Kelvin Coleman, Executive Director of National Cyber Security Alliance
  • Kurt Hagerman, Principal Cloud Security Advisor at Oracle
  • Jeremiah Grossman, CEO, BitDiscovery
  • James PlouffeSr. Partner Solutions Architect at AttackIQ
  • Hector Rodriguez, Healthcare Industry Executive Director at Oracle
  • Bruce Snell, Global VP Security Strategy & Transformation at NTT Security, co-host of the award-winning podcast “Hackable?
You can attend all live sessions and 1-on-1 networking for free, or for only $79, you will receive session recordings, be able to join breakout discussion groups, participate in giveaways, and enjoy other benefits to be announced soon!
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