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Paddy Padmanabhan and Howard Rosen: The importance of HITRUST certification

Paddy Padmanabhan and Howard Rosen: The importance of HITRUST certification
A Uniform Approach to Sharing Assurances and Other Certifications


Paddy Padmanabhan: I want to share a little bit of my perspective.

So my firm does a lot of digital transformation advisory work for health systems. And we work a lot with technology vendors as well. One of the things that I hear from self healthcare CIOs and Chief Digital Officers is that this is almost table stakes when they’re evaluating digital health solutions, especially if these are early-stage companies with not a big track record, but they may have an innovative product or a solution. CIOs and CTOs are trying to risk mitigate.

And one of the things that they’re asking for straight out of the gate is, are you HITRUST certified? And so that’s almost become table stakes and a filter for those who want to be in consideration by some of these large enterprises to do business in an enterprise context.

Is that something you know, Brian, or Michael? Are you seeing that as well, from a CIO? standpoint? Brian, you want to go first?

Brian Kline: I think Howard was about to jump in right there for a second.

Howard Rosen: My apologies, we sort of being a technology company. Of course, we had technical issues, getting into all this, let’s get to this call. So I apologize, though.

So Paddy? That’s exactly and, and not the plan to Michael whatsoever because our license renewals coming up. But as a, as a certainly a small company of startup when we started to get into large companies, and we’re certainly working with government, government agencies, and, you know, large payers that we can’t mention names, but there’s, you know, three letters to their names. Was that really was your walk-in how you doing? What’s your name? What’s your title? And do you have HITRUST?

And that really takes it takes it from a 15-minute discussion to and many cases, you know, one or two hours, because they know if you don’t have that, you know, we’re a pro, we’ve gotten a number of validations, both federally and commercially.

But without its bid to be very honest, without something like a HITRUST and an E Pro. They know they’re gonna have to go through if they like the solution, they’re going to spend 3456 months on their own internal security and privacy audit anyway.

And less and less, are we finding that you want to do that and they’re looking for external validation, frankly, so they don’t have to go through that and expedite the innovation process. And there’s no question as a carrion card. Without that, you know, without that the process is greatly protracted and you’re competing against companies that are getting it more and more.

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About Paddy Padmanabhan Paddy Padmanabhan is the founder and CEO of Damo Consulting, a growth strategy and digital transformation advisory firm that works with healthcare enterprises and global technology companies. He is the host of The Big Unlock, a podcast focusing on healthcare digital transformation, and author of the book, The Big Unlock: Harnessing Data and Growing Digital Health Businesses in a Value-Based Era.

About Michael Parisi Michael Parisi is the vice president of business development & adoption at HITRUST. He’s a seasoned information security and privacy industry professional. He has served as a lead healthcare industry expert, a national healthcare third-party assurance specialist, and the national HITRUST services lead for PricewaterhouseCoopers.

About Michael Mead Michael Mead, BCPA, is the chief operations officer for The Medical Cost Savings Solution, where in just the past three years he has led the effort to save self-pay patients over $1.5 billion in their medical expenses. Before joining MCS, he led top Medicare Advantage programs in the reorganization and the implementation of new systems.

About Howard Rosen Howard is the strategic and visionary leader of LifeWIRE, which he invented and developed as a patented population management communication platform that humanizes digital communication through personalized, responsive interactions between parties like healthcare providers and patients.

About Brian Kline Brian Kline is the compliance and standards lead for Webb Adams — a veteran-owned business composed of cybersecurity and policy professionals well-versed in designing and managing security, privacy, and compliance programs. Kline is passionate about helping clients meet compliance standards and preparing them for industry certifications and attestations such as HITRUST, HIPAA/HITECH, SOC 2, GDPR, and ISO 27001.

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