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My iPhone security tips (2023)

My iPhone security tips (2023)

I recommend the iPhone enforce six digit passcodes by default, as well as add more mobile device management to the Apple Watch.

What’s happening: Last week the Wall Street Journal wrote about how thieves are exploiting weak iPhone passcodes.

Why it matters: By observing users type in their passcodes in public places, thieves then steal the iPhone and loot the victim's bank account(s). Thieves quickly lock victims out of their Apple accounts, which prevents the phone from being deactivated.

By the numbers: A passcode is the (typically) four digit code you enter to unlock an iPhone. A password is an alphanumeric password used to login into services like finance apps, email, social media, etc. Because of the way the iPhone is built, you only need a passcode and the iPhone itself to steal money from victims.

My tips: Until Apple does it by default, add complexity to your passcode. Here's how to set your passcode to six digits. My second recommendation to Apple is to add the ability to wipe or deactivate an iPhone from a paired Apple Watch.

The bottom line: The iPhone is incredibly easy to use and is an important piece of our lives. Take steps now to make it more secure.

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