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Learn how to Transition From Legacy Systems to the Cloud for Better Security at Paubox SECURE @ Home At Paubox SECURE @ Home, our virtual healthcare cybersecurity conference taking place on October 21-22, you’ll have a chance to learn about how to transition from legacy systems to the cloud from the Nizhoni Health's chief information officer (CIO) Dave Ledoux.  An important part of the healthcare digital transformation is moving from on-premises solutions to the cloud, but sometimes the challenge can seem so large that it's hard to know where to begin.  Dave Ledoux knows all about that, having spent his first 18 months at Nizhoni Health transferring the company from relying on fax machines to a fully cloud-based home healthcare provider. SEE ALSO: Fax Machines Are Terrible for Healthcare – Here’s Why In the process, costs were reeled in massively, and the company how now has end to end workflow management and reporting.  It turns out the transition was expertly timed; the coronavirus pandemic has shown that Nizhoni can operate 100% remotely without any impact to the business whatsoever.

About Dave Ledoux

As CIO at Nizhoni Health, Dave ensures that the most innovative methods and industry-leading tools are leveraged across the company's clinical and operations teams to create high-performing processes and teams. Dave was drawn to the home healthcare field due to its potential for change and the opportunity for technology infusion. Since joining Nizhoni in 2018 originally as the VP of technology services, he’s been instrumental in driving the company’s vast technology advances—shifting the company into the cloud and positioning it for scalable growth. With over two decades of implementing next-trend technologies and providing end-user support, Dave has held roles at Okta, Inc., athenahealth, and several education and technology organizations. He received bachelor’s degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology and SUNY Oswego, and he holds several licenses and certifications.


About Paubox SECURE @ Home

Paubox SECURE @ Home is a virtual healthcare cybersecurity and innovation conference, bringing together industry leaders in a unique event to drive learning and discussion around the challenges of driving innovation in healthcare while keeping data secure. We will present valuable panel discussions with industry leaders, breakout community sessions on hot topics, and unlimited virtual networking opportunities so you can build relationships beyond the conference. Paubox SECURE is focused on generating relevant and meaningful content, discussions, and networking—not giving you a sales pitch. Keynote speakers include: You can attend all the live sessions and 1-on-1 networking for free. With premium access, you will receive session recordings, join breakout discussion groups, participate in giveaways, and enjoy other benefits announced soon!
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