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Learn how to use the Paubox Email API to combat COVID-19 at Paubox SECURE @ Home

Learn how to use the Paubox Email API to combat COVID-19 at Paubox SECURE @ Home
Learn How Paubox Email API Can Power Contact Tracing Applications at Paubox SECURE @ Home The CDC considers contact tracingkey strategy for preventing further spread of the coronavirus.  The goal is to identify people who don’t know they’re infected and encourage them to self-quarantine before they unwittingly infect others. Attendees at our upcoming virtual conference, Paubox SECURE @ Home, on October 21–22, will have the chance to learn how to leverage the Paubox Email API to build contact tracing applications and send test results at scale to combat COVID-19.

Why email is better for contact tracing

With Americans receiving an average of  2,000 robocalls per second, healthcare organizations face strong headwinds around secure patient outreach.  This poses a problem for contact tracing efforts when people don't answer the phone if they don't recognize the number. However, there are alternatives.  Our HIPAA compliant Paubox Email API can be used to send emails to people who have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, and also to send them their test results. SEE ALSO: Best Practices for COVID-19 Digital Contact Tracing: Privacy, Ethics, and Cooperation A significant benefit of using email is that the message recipient doesn't have to download a specific contact tracing app in order to get the message; it simply arrives in the inbox, no password or portal required. In fact, a number of our customers are already using the Paubox Email API to communicate with patients about COVID-19, such as ZiphyCare whose lifesaving app sends emails containing protected health information (PHI) to patients. Attend this presentation on Wednesday, October 21 at 2:10PM PDT to learn how you can leverage the Paubox Email API to build your own application to help with contact tracing, share COVID-19 test results, and the like.


About Nick Wong

Nick Wong is a software engineer at Paubox and an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying computer science and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on ethics. His drive to create value in the health-tech space was originally inspired by the caregiving challenges his family experienced.


About Paubox SECURE @ Home

Paubox SECURE @ Home is a virtual healthcare cybersecurity and innovation conference, bringing together industry leaders in a unique event to drive learning and discussion around the challenges of driving innovation in healthcare while keeping data secure. We will present valuable panel discussions with industry leaders, breakout community sessions on hot topics, and unlimited virtual networking opportunities so you can build relationships beyond the conference. Paubox SECURE is focused on generating relevant and meaningful content, discussions, and networking—not giving you a sales pitch. Keynote speakers include: Other speakers include:
  • Melissa BendanaInformation Security and Risk Management, BlueShield of CA
  • Marc HaskelsonPresident and CEO, Compliancy Group
  • Cathlynn Nigh, CEO, Beyond LLC
  • Carrie NixonManaging Partner, Nixon Law Group
  • Michael Parisi, VP of Assurance Strategy & Community Development, HITRUST
  • Dave Ledoux, VP of Technology Services, Nizhoni Health
You can attend all live sessions and 1-on-1 networking for free. With premium access, you will receive session recordings, be able to join breakout discussion groups, participate in giveaways, and enjoy other benefits to be announced soon!

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