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Kurt Hagerman confirmed to speak at Paubox SECURE @ Home

We are pleased to announce that Kurt Hagerman will be a keynote speaker at our upcoming virtual conference, Paubox SECURE @ Home, taking place on October 21-22. Hailing from Texas, Kurt Hagerman's first jobs were in the real estate and oil and gas industries. But nearly 30 years ago, his technical talents quickly set him on a path to where he stands today, a recognized expert in business governance, risk management, and compliance.

Who is Kurt Hagerman?

Hagerman is the senior principal security produce manager at Oracle. Previously, Hagerman served as the chief information security officer at Armor Defense, Inc. (formerly FireHost, Inc.), which provides over 1,000 customers across 42 countries 24/7 threat detection and response, including secure hosting and log and data management. He created the company's first comprehensive, strategic cybersecurity programs from scratch, including securing multiple industry-standard security and compliance certifications. Hagerman also formed an information security steering committee, established an enterprise risk management program, and developed a wide range of information security policies.


Where have I seen him before?

In addition to his work at Armor and Oracle, Hagerman has also spoken and presented at security industry events and trade shows, both in the U.S. and internationally. He has been featured at RSA, HITRUST, HIMSS, and at a number of privacy and security conferences in London. And he's represented Armor at events like Black Hat and VMWorld. Among his more recent presentations was one titled " Healthcare's Losing Battle Against the Hyper-Connected Machines." Hagerman also writes about security for publications like IT News, Ecommerce Times, SC Magazine, Technology Banker, The Green Sheet and Healthcare IT News.


What are his specialties?

Hagerman has significant experience leading information security teams and serving as a lead risk officer, running governance, risk, and compliance programs for both corporate and customer-facing facets of an enterprise. He is particularly familiar with compliance standards like HIPAA, PCI, and ISO 27001, and has conducted hundreds of security audits across several industries, including healthcare, higher education, and financial services. In addition, he has background in cybersecurity and IT security, systems engineering and network engineering. Hagerman also focuses on corporate leadership, policy and planning, change management and project management. He will bring all of these talents and experiences to share with attendees at Paubox SECURE @ Home, where he will give a presentation titled "Shiny Object Syndrome: Ensuring Your Security Puzzle is Complete."


About Paubox SECURE @ Home

Paubox SECURE @ Home is a virtual healthcare cybersecurity and innovation conference,  bringing together industry leaders in a unique event to drive learning and discussion around the  challenges of driving innovation in healthcare while keeping data secure. We will present valuable panel discussions with industry leaders, breakout community sessions on hot topics, and unlimited virtual networking opportunities so you can build relationships beyond the conference. Paubox SECURE is focused on generating relevant and meaningful content, discussions and networking—not giving you a sales pitch. Other keynote speakers include:
  • Jeremiah GrossmanFounder & CEO of Bit Discovery
  • Kelvin Coleman, Executive Director of National Cyber Security Alliance
  • Bruce Snell, Global Vice President of Security Strategy and Transformation at NTT Security
  • Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO at Damo Consulting Inc.
  • James Plouffe, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect at AttackIQ
  • Hector Rodriguez, Healthcare Industry Executive Director at Oracle
You can attend all live sessions and 1-on-1 networking for free. With premium access you will receive session recordings, be able to join breakout discussion groups, participate in giveaways, and enjoy other benefits to be announced soon!
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