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Jackson Health’s multiple HIPAA violations result in $2.15M penalty

Jackson Health’s multiple HIPAA violations result in $2.15M penalty

As first reported by Health IT Security, Miami-based Jackson Health System (JHS) got hit with a $2.15 million penalty for multiple HIPAA violations between 2013 and 2016.

The nonprofit medical center serves about 650,000 patients annually and runs six major hospitals, nursing facilities, primary care and specialty centers, an urgent care center network, and corrections health services clinics. 

In August 2013, the first violation was reported to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) concerning the paper records of 756 patients that were lost in January 2013. Three additional boxes of paper records of 680 patients were lost in January 2012. JHS failed to report the additional loss to the OCR until June 2016. 


OCR investigates JHS after media reports 


In July 2015, OCR launched an investigation after media reports disclosed a patient’s health information. A reporter shared a photo of a JHS operating room screen that displayed the medical information of a well-known NFL player.  

In February 2016, JHS reported a breach to OCR concerning an employee who had been selling patient health information for over five years. The employee accessed the medical records of more than 24,000 patients. OCR determined that JHS did not provide timely and accurate notification to the Department of Health and Human Services. 


JHS fails to remedy risks, threats, and vulnerabilities 


In response to several data requests, JHS provided risk analyses conducted by a third-party vendor. The vendor mistakenly identified provisions of the Security Rule as not applicable to JHS. It also failed to include all electronic patient health information created, received, maintained or transmitted by JHS and did not identify or remedy all the risks in its systems.    

The OCR reported that “an anonymous caller notified JHS's Office of Compliance and Ethics on January 4, 2016, that an employee was selling patients' ePHI.”This and other inconsistencies demonstrated to OCR a “failure to implement written policies and procedures on an operational basis.” 



The OCR issued its final determination of a $2.15 million civil monetary penalty. In response, JHS waived its right to a hearing and did not contest the findings. JHS has already paid the full penalty and covered entities can review the complete list of its HIPAA violations as a learning tool.


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