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When covered entities choose to implement new technologies, they need to consider if the software is HIPAA compliant . Visual voicemail can make it easier to access your voicemails without having to listen to them. But voicemails may contain protected health information (PHI) and subsequently need HIPAA compliant security.  YouMail has a visual voicemail feature, but does it meet HIPAA security requirements? Let's review the company policies and security protocols.


YouMail and the business associate agreement


A business associate is a third-party vendor that has access, stores, or transmits PHI. Since visual voicemails could possibly contain PHI, it's important for HIPAA-regulated entities to ensure that the visual voicemails are secure. One way that covered entities can make sure business associates are compliant is with a business associate agreement (BAA) . This legal document lays out the responsibilities of a business associate in protecting PHI. If a business associate isn't willing to sign a BAA, it's not a HIPAA compliant vendor.

YouMail doesn't mention on its website that it's willing to work with covered entities or participate in a BAA.  In fact, its privacy policy states, "The Company may provide specific information to these third parties, as may be necessary for them to provide specific services to the Company. For example, to send you a text message, YouMail must provide your mobile number and the content of your message to a text message gateway service."

Since YouMail and its third-party providers aren't willing to sign a BAA to protect messages, then it's not a HIPAA compliant vendor.


Is YouMail HIPAA compliant?


YouMail isn't HIPAA compliant. The company doesn't indicate a willingness to sign a BAA. It also lacks key security features like delivering encrypted and secure visual voicemail transcriptions.


Choose Paubox for HIPAA compliant visual voicemail


Along with sending HIPAA compliant email directly to your patient's inbox, Paubox Email Suite can also email you transcriptions of your voicemails. We leverage email artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) for our visual voicemail feature. Our HITRUST CSF certified software detects voicemail audio files and sends you the transcription in an email. Paubox works exclusively with healthcare providers, which is why a BAA is automatically included in all of our plans. 


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