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What is Wrike?

Wrike’s work management platform allows users to collaborate on multiple levels, from individual departments to entire organizations.

Wrike offers customizable project templates, process documentation, reporting, and project tracking as well as the ability to manage ongoing tasks that do not have specific deadlines.

Wrike takes security extremely seriously; its seven work management plans feature role-based access control, Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 encryption, and multiple privacy certifications.

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What does Wrike say about its HIPAA compliance?

According to its Security Overview webpage, Wrike is willing to execute a business associate agreement (BAA) with covered entities and business associates if Wrike processes protected health information (PHI) for them.

Therefore, Wrike can be considered HIPAA compliant, provided that you sign a BAA with the company.


Paubox provides HIPAA compliant email

Choosing a HIPAA compliant collaborative work management platform is an important step in ensuring PHI security. With Paubox Email Suite, you can also be confident that your email is HIPAA compliant.

Paubox uses blanket Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 encryption and two-factor authentication to protect your email. Our Plus and Premium plan levels also include Zero Trust Email to authenticate senders’ email servers.

Paubox solutions have achieved HITRUST CSF certified status, demonstrating that we meet regulatory and industry-defined requirements and manage risk appropriately.

Every Paubox plan comes with a no-cost BAA, so you can rest assured that Paubox is keeping your PHI secure at all times.

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