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Healthcare organizations use an email security platform to ensure their emails are kept confidential and out of the hands of hackers. Trustifi is one of those options, but does it meet the HIPAA security standards?


Does Trustifi sign a business associate agreement?


One of the first considerations a covered entity needs to consider is if a third-party vendor will sign a business associate agreement (BAA) . Third-party vendors that have access to, store, or transmit protected health information (PHI) are considered business associates . A business associate has obligations under HIPAA to protect PHI from unauthorized people.  A BAA covers all legal responsibilities of the business associate and its interaction with PHI. Trustifi doesn't mention on its website that it is willing to sign a BAA. There's also no mention of a BAA, PHI, or HIPAA on the End User License Agreement . However, a customer support representative says that Trustifi often signs BAAs. Covered entities will need to reach out to Trustifi directly to arrange a BAA to be signed.

Conclusion: Trustifi can be HIPAA compliant.


How is Paubox different from Trustifi?


Paubox is email encryption software that specializes in HIPAA compliance. We focus exclusively on healthcare organizations, which means we stay up to date on the latest security threats that face covered entities.  Because Paubox is dedicated to keeping PHI secure and safe from unauthorized people, we've earned the HITRUST CSF certification, demonstrating that we have met the most stringent regulatory and risk management requirements.


Consider Paubox for your email security needs


Since Paubox specifically designs our email security software for healthcare organizations, all of our plans come with a BAA included. We're also HITRUST CSF certified and completely dedicated to ensuring your emails are kept secure and away from cybercriminals. Paubox Email Suite Plus is the solution you need to send HIPAA compliant emai l. We have robust inbound security tools and support the NSA-recommended TLS 1.3 encryption . Our software stops threats like phishing emails , spam , viruses , and malware from reaching the inbox. We're always updating our software to stop the latest threats, and we most recently added Zero Trust Email which requires an extra layer of authentication before any email is delivered. Paubox is also simple for your employees and patients to use. It easily integrates into your current email provider, including Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 . Your employees send emails directly to a patient's inbox. You can say goodbye to third-party apps and patient portals.


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