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Is RXNT HIPAA compliant?

Is RXNT HIPAA compliant?

The patient experience is an important factor for many healthcare organizations. One way to improve the patient experience is to make it easy to book appointments with you. Online scheduling software is a great tool for this, but it's not always HIPAA compliant. Let's review RXNT and if it complies with HIPAA.


What is RXNT?


RXNT is cloud-based software that makes it easier to run practices of all sizes. Besides online scheduling, it also includes features such as electronic prescribing, medical billing, and revenue cycle management.


RXNT and the business associate agreement


All covered entities need to ensure that business associates are working within HIPAA security guidelines. Since business associates can access or store protected health information ( PHI ), they must implement data security the same way a covered entity would do. But how can you ensure that business associates are following security guidelines? That's where the business associate agreement ( BAA ) comes into play. This contract ensures that business associates agree to protect PHI and implement security safeguards. RXNT doesn't state outright that it is willing to sign a BAA, but it does imply on its website that its user agreement covers security responsibilities.
"When RXNT stores, processes or transmits 'individually identifiable health information' (as that term is defined in HIPAA) on behalf of a healthcare provider who has entered into a user agreement with us, we do so as the provider’s 'business associate,' as that term is defined in HIPAA."

RXNT and data security


RXNT doesn't say a lot about what goes into its security features. However, it hasn't had a data breach since its inception in 1999. The company seems to have a clear idea of how to protect patient data.


Is RXNT HIPAA compliant?


RXNT can probably be HIPAA compliant. A healthcare organization should take a closer look at RXNT's features and configure settings and make sure to sign a BAA. This will help ensure that you are using RXNT in a way that is HIPAA compliant for your organization's needs.


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