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Is FreedomVoice HIPAA compliant?

by Sara Nguyen

Is FreedomVoice HIPAA Compliant? - Paubox

Choosing the right phone system for your healthcare business can largely depend on if it’s HIPAA compliant. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers are popular options, but it could cause some legal trouble down the road if you don’t pick a compliant provider.

About FreedomVoice

FreedomVoice was acquired by the popular web hosting company GoDaddy in 2016. The cloud-hosted phone system is for small businesses that need effective communication tools.

FreedomVoice and business associate agreements

You may wonder if VoIP providers need to provide a business associate agreement (BAA). The answer is usually yes since services like voicemails or call recordings are electronic data that may contain protected health information (PHI).

This means that covered entities will need to sign a BAA with a VoIP provider to stay HIPAA compliant regarding security safeguards for PHI. 

If a business associate is unwilling to sign a BAA, it is automatically not a HIPAA compliant provider. 

FreedomVoice doesn’t mention offering BAA on its website. 

FreedomVoice and data security

Since VoIP can collect electronic PHI (ePHI) data, a healthcare provider must store the information securely. While FreedomVoice has cloud storage, there is no mention on its website about what security safeguards are in place to keep ePHI safe.

This can be an issue since FreedomVoice offers call recording, which is stored indefinitely or until the user deletes the recordings. Without the proper encryption, the data storage could be a HIPAA violation in itself.

As with any VoIP system, a healthcare provider needs to ensure its WiFi networks is secure. An unsecured WiFI network is a vulnerability and could allow an unauthorized user to access PHI.

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Is FreedomVoice HIPAA compliant?

FreedomVoice makes no mention on its website about signing a BAA. With no BAA, FreedomVoice is not HIPAA compliant.

FreedomVoice also doesn’t mention anything about encryption or securely storing data.

Paubox is a solution for HIPAA compliant email

Tech companies are not always willing to work with you to stay HIPAA compliant. That’s not a problem with Paubox.

Paubox Email Suite gives healthcare providers the ability to send HIPAA compliant email while keeping PHI encrypted and safe from unauthorized users. You can easily communicate with patients without the fear of a HIPAA violation.

All of our products include a BAA, which means you don’t have to worry about PHI not receiving the highest encryption level it deserves. We have appropriate security safeguards covered.

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