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Is Caspio HIPAA compliant?

Is Caspio HIPAA compliant?

Caspio is a database-centric no-code web application platform with an intuitive cloud applications builder. This is useful for healthcare organizations because it helps them automate processes and access data in a more streamlined fashion.  Caspio is used for creating forms, databases, portals, workflows, and dashboards. Its no-code solution allows healthcare organizations to do this at a fraction of the time it would take a development shop to deliver.

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Caspio’s business associate agreement


According to Becker’s Hospital Review, one of the most common reasons for a HIPAA violation is partnering with a business associate that is not HIPAA compliant. However, Caspio states that it maintains a business associate agreement (BAA ) with its vendors and offers one to those who utilize its platform.


Caspio and data protection 


In order to determine HIPAA compliance, healthcare organizations have to investigate the data security protections in place. Healthcare covered entities have to comply with HIPAA law or face being held liable for non-compliance.  In order to reduce the risk of a breach, protected health information (PHI) needs to be encrypted at rest and in transit. Additionally, data usage needs to be recorded and archived.  Luckily, at Caspio all PHI is encrypted and usage of data is audited as required by HIPAA.  In addition, Caspio infrastructure is housed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers which enable PHI to be processed, stored, and transmitted according to HIPAA regulations. AWS’s BAA enforces that PHI is encrypted and stored in HIPAA-eligible services.


Is Caspio HIPAA compliant?


Yes, Caspio can be HIPAA compliant. Its HIPAA Edition specifically addresses the rigorous compliance protocols dictated by HIPAA. However, not all of its products are covered by the BAA. When searching for a solution make sure to look for their healthcare-applicable suite of products. 


Get HIPAA compliant email with Paubox


Paubox Email Suite provides HIPAA compliant email that’s HITRUST CSF certified. Our email solution integrates with the email platform you already use ( Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or Microsoft Exchange) and lands directly in inboxes without change in behavior for neither sender nor recipient.  Paubox security is robust, featuring blanket TLS encryption and two-factor authentication. Plus and Premium plan levels include patent-pending Zero Trust Email, which leverages email AI to ensure all emails that are received are legitimate.


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