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Is Infradapt Hosted Email HIPAA Compliant? - Paubox Infradapt offers a number of IT solutions for enterprise customers, including hosted email.  But is it HIPAA compliant? We'll figure it out in this post.

What is Infradapt?

Infradapt is a full service managed services provider focused on outsourced IT and telephone services for business.  The company custom tailors its offerings to meet clients' needs. Infradapt offers a simple way to consume technology by providing brand new hardware, the latest software, and comprehensive support for a monthly fee. One of the services Infradapt offers is hosted email, which we are focusing on for the purpose of this blog post.


Infradapt and HIPAA compliance

Infradapt addresses healthcare providers' special requirements directly on its website.  Infradapt's hosted infrastructure, including hosted email, is called Infracloud.  It offers "compliance with HIPAA and reduction of exposure to penalties." Furthermore, Infracloud provides:
a true private, single tenant, share nothing environment. Infradapt’s dedicated private cloud solution delivers true privacy; strict safeguards, including firewalls and private networks within the cloud, ensure that your data remains under your exclusive control.

Access to and from the Infracloud platform " is provided using encryption technology," although the company does not expound on what encryption technology it uses.



Infradapt states that its hosted email platform is HIPAA compliant, but it does not explain what this means exactly. It does not expressly address whether or not the company will sign a business associate agreement (BAA) with covered entities, which is required for HIPAA compliance.  It also does not publicly disclose what type of encryption it provides. Conclusion Infradapt says that its hosted email platform is HIPAA compliant, but we recommend that covered entities confirm this with the company before becoming a customer.
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