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Do you need inbound email security to be HIPAA compliant?

Do you need inbound email security to be HIPAA compliant?

Covered entities may question what they need to do in order to send HIPAA compliant email. Is inbound security required? Let's review if you need inbound security tools to stay in compliance with HIPAA.


Do you need inbound security to be HIPAA compliant?


HIPAA does not require inbound email security.  To maintain HIPAA compliance, covered entities need to implement a technical safeguard for any outbound email that contains protected health information (PHI) . The best technical safeguard is encryption which ensures PHI is secure. Read more: HIPAA email encryption requirements: what you need to know While you don't need inbound security to be HIPAA compliant, it can certainly help prevent data breaches.  After all, healthcare providers are a big target for cybercrime due to the wealth of valuable data they store, vulnerable attack surfaces, stressed employees, and lax cybersecurity that is rampant within the field.

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What are the benefits of inbound email security for healthcare providers?


Covered entities have a duty to protect PHI, so it's incredibly important to protect against threat vectors that could lead to a data breach. One of the most common ways cybercriminals gain unauthorized access to your data is through email. They rely on poor inbound security measures and human error to infiltrate your network. Some of the most common email hacking methods include:


Malicious emails can lead to a number of problems. Cybercriminals can lock you out of your network and affect your ability to treat patients. They can also demand a ransom for the safe return of data and to not leak it. The HHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is also not a fan of data breaches. It may conduct an investigation, which could lead to heavy fines and a corrective action plan if it finds you at fault for PHI exposure.   Ultimately, it's less expensive to implement inbound email security than to become a victim of a data breach.


Start using inbound security


The Jellyvision Lab, Inc. is one of our many customers looking to minimize the risk of email threats. The team was looking for an inbound email security system that would keep employees from receiving phishing emails and spam. Paubox Email Suite Plus was the email security solution it needed since the patented ExecProtect feature prevents domain name spoofing attacks from entering an employee's inbox. Our robust inbound security tools also stop malicious threats like spam, viruses, ransomware, and phishing emails.

"Paubox helps me sleep at night. Security should be front of mind for everyone. If you don’t have an inbound security system, you are putting yourself and your business at risk," said Eli Golden, Director of IT, The Jellyvision Lab, Inc. Paubox is HITRUST CSF certified and includes a business associate agreement (BAA) in all plans. You can rest assured that your email security is in top shape with Paubox.


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