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How to use data and email to boost patient engagement 

How to use data and email to boost patient engagement

Leveraging data allows healthcare providers to use personalized email marketing to create a more engaging experience and improve patient satisfaction.


Start with segmentation 


Addressing patients by name is one way to personalize emails, but healthcare providers should go one step further with list segmentation

Segmentation is the process of separating email subscribers into smaller groups based on certain characteristics.

Healthcare marketing professionals find email segmentation valuable because it allows them to deliver highly relevant content to specific individuals, as opposed to delivering one mass message to everyone.

For example, you could set up a group of patients with children rather than sending pediatric information to your whole email list. 

Another approach is segmentation by geographic location. This is helpful when sharing updates that only apply to one or two of your facilities. 


Deliver valuable education


Customize your marketing emails based on patients’ needs and conditions. For instance, health providers could provide a newly diagnosed diabetes patient with information on their condition and tips for managing it. This strategy is particularly useful for supporting and reassuring individuals who are feeling overwhelmed with health directives post visit. 

Taking the time to send targeted educational content can empower patients to become more involved in their care and adhere to treatment plans, which ultimately leads to better outcomes.


Provide relevant content 


In order to keep patients engaged throughout their care journey, it’s important to continue delivering content that aligns with their needs and interests. This could include videos and articles that relate to their condition, as well as news on the latest developments and treatment options. 

Another great tactic is sharing (anonymous) stories from other patients. Learning how to manage health issues can be an emotional rollercoaster, and hearing from those with similar experiences can help create a sense of community. 

Each personalized outreach shows patients how much you care, which builds more trust in your practice. 

At the same time, keeping patients up-to-date on topics that interest them will increase your email engagement rates. 


Issue helpful reminders and follow-ups


Another benefit of personalized email marketing is the ability to send patients reminders about upcoming appointments or procedures. 

In addition to including basic information such as date, time, and location, incorporate customized information on how to prepare or what they can expect during the appointment. This is ideal for minimizing patient anxiety and allowing them to feel more comfortable. 

You can also send a follow-up marketing email afterward. This extra step offers an opportunity for patients to share feedback or ask questions they may have forgotten about. 

Sending personalized reminders and notifications helps increase patient loyalty. At the same time, it improves efficiency in your practice by reducing the likelihood of no-shows. 


Get personal with a HIPAA compliant email marketing platform 


Many healthcare organizations are hesitant to leverage personalized email marketing because they rightly are concerned with HIPAA compliance and safeguarding patient's PHI.

Paubox Marketing allows providers to segment patient audiences and send targeted emails including PHI—all while remaining HIPAA compliant. Recipients can also read your HIPAA compliant marketing emails directly into their inbox, without having to access a separate portal or take any other extra steps.


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