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HIPAA center by Paubox: Easter edition

HIPAA center by Paubox: Easter edition

Welcome to the second edition of the Paubox HIPAA Center! HIPAA Center is designed to give you a quick glance into the Top 5 moments that we saw happen in the HIPAA industry last month. Without further ado, let's get started. Here is our special Easter Edition of HIPAA Center:



Are Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud HIPAA Compliant Cloud Vendors?


Is Amazon Web Service (AWS) HIPAA Compliant? - Paubox Is Google Cloud HIPAA Compliant - Paubox


We've had a number of people ask us recently whether Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud are HIPAA compliant cloud vendors. In a nutshell, both are HIPAA compliant cloud vendors, just make sure you get a Business Associate Agreement signed with them first. Lest you get egg on your face.

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HIPAA Compliance for Digital Copiers

HIPAA Compliance for Digital Copiers - Paubox

Last month we wrote a blog post on HIPAA compliance for digital copiers. Don't forget, there are million dollar fines on record for companies that didn't erase their hard drives before disposing of their digital copy machines.

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Brighter Vision AKA The Architects of Happiness

Brighter Vision are the Architects of Happiness - Paubox We're looking forward to doing more business with them in the future and we can all agree that everyone hates portals.

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Special Guest: Tyler Dornenburg of Leapcure

Tyler Dornenburg - Leapcure - Paubox HIPAA Center

Leapcure co-founder Tyler Dornenburg joined us for a special guest appearance. Leapcure develops technology to help facilitate faster patient recruitment for clinical trials. Catch them at the end of the month in Newport Beach, California, for the American Lung Association's Lung Expo conference. Mahalo Tyler for filming HIPAA Center with us on your birthday!

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Our #500Strong Digital Health Network in SF

Rebecca Woodcock, Digital Health 500 Startups - Paubox Rebecca Woodcock, Digital Health EIR at 500 Startups

The #500Strong digital health network that we have here in San Francisco is made up of people like Tyler and Leapcure. We were both part of the digital health accelerator organized by 500 Startups. The confluence of being part of the 500 Startups network, having an office in San Francisco and being in the digital health space is paying dividends for our company.

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